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5 things that mattered last week: Prime time for HR tech, the wellbeing agenda in 2020, and more

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Every week, we give you 5 key takeaways from our insights and thought leadership on HRD Connect. This week: Terence Mauri on HR technology, Debra Corey on the new health and wellbeing agenda, and more.

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HR technology: is now the time to invest?

The implementation of technology in business has increased rapidly over the years, but with the disruption that has occurred in 2020, this has become a corporate imperative.

Whether it be talent, employee experience, or wellbeing, scarcely a single aspect of the business world has been left unaffected by this large-scale disruption. Businesses must respond by pivoting appropriately, and though this will be a multifaceted process, technology may be the beacon that lights the way.

With insight from HRD Thought Leader Terence Mauri, we took a closer look at the urgent need for HR technology and how to kickstart this process.

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What is health and wellbeing in 2020?

Where the concept of wellbeing may have been little more than an afterthought in bygone days, now, more and more HR leaders are asking: “what is health and wellbeing, and how can it benefit my business and its employees?”. Given that the world has suffered through a major health crisis in 2020, this is hardly surprising.

With this in mind, HRD Thought Leader Debra Corey took a closer look at the issue, examining an organization that has adjusted its approach in response to the pandemic.

Click below to find out how the University of Lincoln has embraced agility and innovation to create a successful health and wellbeing agenda.

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2021: a new agenda for leaders?

Transitioning and responding to this year’s disruption has been a minefield for organizations, and as a result, it’s difficult to know what your key focus points should be.

This is particularly true when it comes to leadership. From branding to internal processes to HR strategy, almost every core component of a typical organization has changed in some way in 2020. ‘Pivot’ is a word that has come to define modern business, and a company’s ability to execute this successfully has almost become a barometer for its competence and integrity.

So, in this week’s HRD Deep Dive, we take a closer look at some crucial areas for leaders to keep in mind in the coming months.

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HR strategy: is a portfolio approach the answer?

According to HRD Thought Leader Dave Ulrich, HR’s opportunity to create value through targeted initiatives in talent, leadership, organization and HR can now be realized. A portfolio approach to HR initiatives will better allocate resources (time, energy, money) to key HR priorities.

With input from Norm Smallwood, Co-founder of The RBL Group, and Alan Todd, Founder of CorpU, Ulrich gives a comprehensive overview of why this approach is beneficial to organizations, and how it can be implemented.

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A new agenda for the board of directors?

This year has pulled back the curtain on issues that HR professionals regularly identify as areas needing improvement, but which are not the top priorities of boards of directors often enough. HR leaders know these challenges warrant more than window dressing solutions because they have value-destroying potential. However, boards of directors can strike a balance of appropriate oversight by adjusting their purview.

In the first in a series of five articles recommending a new people practices agenda for Boards of Directors (BODs), Chuck Kemper, Chuck Heaton and Jason Anderson give an overview of why a greater focus on people practices is the answer.

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