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Business Transformation

Business transformation is inevitable. But as digitization, AI and demographic shifts accelerate the pace of organizational change, are existing change management models still suitable? HRD Connect experts and thought leaders share new approaches to transformation to ensure successful and business-critical change outcomes.

HRBPs reimagined: A data-enabled model for business-driven HR

A new model for business-driven HR that helps organizations make informed decisions, improve employee engagement, and achieve better business...

ESG and social responsibility: The power to drive positive change

What can we learn from our approach to the environment in thinking about our social impact and the long- and short-term ways in which...

Terence Mauri: Why trust and co-creation are workplace priorities

HRD Thought Leader Terence Mauri discusses why a value like trust is now essential to organisational and team...

Dave Ulrich: The impact of human capability on productivity and cash flow

HR thought leader Dave Ulrich shares his recent research with The Conference Board on delivering stakeholder value through investments...

How Web3 will change HR

Business Transformation

How Web3 will change HR

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