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Pride Month 2024 – more than celebration, a push for true inclusion

Pride Month is a call for genuine workplace inclusion. Discover HR strategies to create a truly diverse and welcoming environment for…

Hybrid Work

Navigating difficult conversations online vs in-person 

Want to decode the unspoken cues hidden behind those webcam smiles? Learn to foster genuine connections through the screen, and build a team that…

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  • Jun 21, 2024
  • Emma Serlin
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Employee Experience

The other side of layoffs – survivor guilt

Layoff survivor guilt affects remaining employees with guilt and anxiety. This can lead to decreased motivation and productivity. Employers must…

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Change Management

Highlights from the CIPD Festival of Work 2024

We were at the CIPD Festival of Work conference this week, and several key topics emerged from the discussions, presentations, and panels. Let’s dive…

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Future of Work

Generative AI is revolutionising HR practices

The generative AI revolution is reshaping the HR landscape. Brightmine’s latest research reveals a surprising gap in awareness among HR departments…

Future of Work

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Human Resource Management becomes Resource Management? Extending HR’s impact beyond people, processes, and policies

Max Blumberg joins the HRD live podcast to discuss how the business-driven HR operating model can help HR leaders “make a clean break from old HR…

  • 7m

From diplomat to detective: How can HR achieve cross-functional global leadership amid re-globalization?

Joey Price, CEO & Founder of Jumpstart HR, joins the HRD live podcast to explore how HR leaders can encourage cross-functional global leadership and…

How can we curtail the rise of candidate resentment?

Kevin W. Grossman, President and Board Member, The Talent Board, analyzes why candidate resentment remains high and how organizations can curtail…

Increasing HR’s influence in the workplace: Do people leaders “lack business acumen”?

Despite progress in increasing HR’s strategic impact, many people leaders are struggling to build HR’s influence in the workplace. What skills,…

Case Studies

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HRD Connect curates case studies and examples of innovative, award-winning, and outstanding HR and People practices. Senior HR leaders from global companies give an in-depth insight into their best-in-class processes, strategies, and transformation projects that have delivered industry-leading results for their people and their organizations. 

How Inter IKEA transformed its global employee experience to build a future-proof workforce

Inter IKEA boosts employee experience with Workday HCM, improving agility and talent…

  • 2m

Banking on DEIB: Societe Generale aces inclusion training with behaviour models and actor-based learning

When pausing operations for a week ‘Slack-style’ isn’t an option for company-wide learning, how does a multinational bank deliver inclusion…

Making the grade: How Northwestern’s recruitment and retention teams slashed time-to-fill and annual turnover

Northwestern University has tackled core problems with applications, time-to-fill, and turnover rates through two data-driven rapid-action…

‘Officially Amazing’ DEIB: How Guinness World Records is eliminating unconscious bias in its hiring processes

Guinness World Records Global People & Culture Director, Stephanie Lunn, is on a mission to break records with her exceptional diversity and…

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