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AI represents a paradigm shift for all industries, organizations, and functions. HR is no different. From reducing time-to-hire to increasing pay equity, learn from leading authorities in HR on how best to leverage LLMs and AI to increase HR’s strategic value. HRD Connect contributors also cover AI’s limitations and navigating risks including bias.

AI and People: How HR can lead digital transformation through participative upskilling

Danielle Harmer, Chief People Officer, Aviva, and Chris Lind, Chief Learning Officer, ChenMed, join the HRD Live podcast to examine the relationship...

  • David Ly
  • 9m

Josh Bersin: Why second generation AI systems “add the most value” to HR

Josh Bersin, global industry analyst and CEO of human capital advisory firm The Josh Bersin Company, breaks down emerging, first...

Decoding HR Tech: How to ace your AI HR vendor selection process

"One area to consider when evaluating vendors is auditing AI. What do they do to audit their AI technology? What processes do they...

AI and pay: Enriching your compensation strategy with artificial intelligence

Greg Roche, Vice President of Compensation, UnitedHealth Group, offers six applications of AI for compensation strategy, from job...

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