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Founded in 2005, HRD Connect has established itself as a premier online publication, uniquely tailored for senior HR leaders across the globe. Our mission is to empower these professionals with cutting-edge insights and tools necessary for leading organizational transformation and achieving industry-leading results. 

Our Vision and Mission 

HRD Connect is dedicated to enriching the professional lives of HR leaders by providing a wealth of knowledge on innovative HR and People practices. Through a rich collection of case studies, in-depth interviews, thought leadership pieces and podcasts, we serve as an indispensable resource for those seeking to enhance their organization’s people management practices.  

Our content spans a vast array of HR topics including strategy, culture, DEI&B, people analytics, talent management, L&D, employee experience, the future of work, and more, all designed to address the unique challenges faced by modern workplaces. 

Our Community 

With over 500,000 people leaders worldwide, HRD Connect not only offers valuable content but also fosters a collaborative environment where HR professionals can co-create the future of people-oriented leadership.  

Our engaged community comprises 250,000+ annual readers and 100,000+ HR leaders who actively engage with our publication. Through our daily news updates, we keep our readers informed of the latest developments in the HR industry, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions.  

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