Curators of the New Business Landscape

Leveraging the ingenuity of people, our community will design the organisational models of the future.

This means going beyond re-imaging current structures and processes, to establishing the business opportunities to make them a reality. We do this by creating interactions and conversations stimulated by unique content, which shape the future direction of work; the workforce; and the workplace.

Leading innovation in business, thought leadership, and people management.

We recognise that the future of work will be created through debate and discussion between key players. As such, our content and interactions are carefully curated to construct meaningful connections between leading stakeholders, using content as a catalyst for conversations that will guide transformation. We achieve this through experiences such as our digital incubators and roundtable discussions which utilise design-led thinking and agile learning methods to inspire real change and the new organisational paradigms that will allow people leaders to curate the new business landscape.

Our Journey

HRD began in 2005 as a HR Directors Business Summit. Originating during a pivotal time for HR leaders aspiring to boardroom roles, HRD cultivated a community focused on strategic business leadership. The summit rapidly grew, becoming the UK’s premier gathering for HR leaders and expanding internationally in 2013. With curated content and pioneering speakers, it stood out. Rebranded as HRD in 2017, we evolved to offer year-round insight and interactions, uniting a global community to shape the future of work.


HRD had its inception as the HR Director Business Summit, a small event in Edinburgh that marked the beginning of its journey.


The HR Directors Business Summit, now established as the premier gathering for people leaders across the UK, relocated to Birmingham.


HRD made its European debut by presenting the flagship HR Director Summit, an annual event held in Amsterdam during the summer.


We rebranded as HRD and launched the HRD Connect publication, which swiftly became the central hub for year-round HRD experiences, featuring community-curated diverse content. We also marked a significant milestone with the launch of HRD North America in Boston, expanding our reach internationally.

2020 – Present

HRD evolved into a holistic digital offering, enabling enriched global connections that empower the community to convene and collaboratively shape the future.

Our Team

Every member of our team embodies the spirit of innovation, pushing beyond the limits of what’s known and familiar. With our curated content, meticulously forged through rigorous research processes, we bring forth the potential to redefine work, workforce, and workplace dynamics. Our people orchestrate the interactions that bring together industry luminaries, igniting dialogues that lay the groundwork for transformation.

Benjamin Broomfield

Senior Editor
Ben Broomfield

As Senior Editor for HRD, Benjamin is intimately connected with HR’s foremost thought leaders and senior HR leadership from the world’s largest organizations. He produces industry-recognized commentary, Q&As, and case studies that help HR leaders to solve core challenges and increase their value to the business. Benjamin is the host and producer of the HRD Live Podcast.

Sergio Pieterse

Sergio (1)

Sergio is a dynamic producer with experience spanning the events and production spectrum. From delving into compelling research to connecting with C-Suite luminaries, Sergio’s skill extends to crafting engaging narratives, deft project management, and delivery of both the HRD Collective and roundtable sessions. Sergio’s content exudes his passion for people, mirroring the heart of human resources’ people-centric ethos.

Katie Hodgetts

Senior Business Development Manager
Katie (1)

Katie has joined the HRD team to develop new commercial partnerships with companies in the HR space, creating products and solutions for the senior HRD Community. Katie and Suhail are the first points of contact should you be interested in discussing lead generation opportunities through our products or virtual events, including the bi-annual HRD Collective.

Suhail Woods

Business Development Manager
Suhail (2)

Suhail serves as the Business Development Manager at HRD Connect, where he specializes in forging strategic partnerships with companies aiming to engage with senior HR decision-makers. With a keen understanding of the HR landscape, Suhail’s expertise lies in identifying opportunities and crafting bespoke solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

HRD Global Advisory Board

HRD’s Global Advisory Board brings together HR’s foremost thought leaders and senior leadership from the world’s leading organizations. Our board members span a variety of roles, from Chief Talent Officers to best-selling authors, and have a vast array of experience across multiple industries. The advisory board that enable HRD generously give their time so we can truly leverage their ingenuity of people, to enable the community to design the organsational models of the future.

Chris Yates image
Chief Talent Officer
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Chris Yates
Schneider Electric
Dan Hutchinson image
Vice President

With a steadfast focus on transformation and leadership, Dan Hutchinson has forged a successful career spanning multiple industries and geographies, including…Read More

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Dan Hutchinson
Bank of Ireland
Matt Elliott image
Chief People Officer
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Matt Elliott
Melissa Hungerford image
Group Director, Talent, Leadership and Learning
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Melissa Hungerford
Two Heads Consulting
Mervyn Dinnen image
Analyst & Author
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Mervyn Dinnen
PXO Culture
Natal Dank image
Keynote Speaker, Co-Founder, Head of Learning, Coaching & Community
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Natal Dank
Wella Company
Oluyomi Okunowo image
SVP Total Rewards & People Operations
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Oluyomi Okunowo
Paulo Pisano image
Chief People Officer
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Paulo Pisano
Brown Thomas Arnotts
Pedro Angulo image
Head of Learning, Talent and Engagement
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Pedro Angulo
Perry Timms image
Founder and Chief Energy Officer

Perry Timms is the founder and Chief Energy Officer of PTHR – a niche consultancy, with the mission to create better business for a better world….Read More

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Perry Timms
DK Bartley image
Chief Diversity Officer
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DK Bartley
United Nations
Henrietta Maria De Beer image
Chief, HR Policy Division
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Henrietta Maria De Beer
The Rainbow Disruption
Jarvis Sam image
Former CDEIO, Nike, Founder
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Jarvis Sam
Jeff Ostermann image
Chief People Officer
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Jeff Ostermann
New Balance
Joan McGrail image
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Joan McGrail
Levi Strauss & Co.
Karthik Varatharaj image
Global Chief Talent Officer
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Karthik Varatharaj
Punk Rock HR
Laurie Ruettimann image
Author & HR Consultant
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Laurie Ruettimann
HRD Thought Leaders
Terence Mauri image
Future of Leadership Thinker
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Terence Mauri
Tyrone Smith Jr. image
Global Head of People Analytics, Research, ESG, Technology, & Insights
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Tyrone Smith Jr.
Victoria Pelletier
Victoria Pelletier image
Senior Executive, C-Suite Transformational Leader
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Victoria Pelletier