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HRD Connect produces case studies, guest columns, podcasts, Q&As, events and more to increase HR effectiveness. Models such as Ulrich’s Human Capability Theory provide fresh perspectives and research-led processes to help HR overcome challenges from talent competition to low L&D adoption rates.

A network approach: Upgrading the traditional organizational culture model

Traditional approaches for assessing and understanding organizational culture, such as surveys and ethnographic methods, have limitations in...

Josh Bersin: Embracing ‘Systemic HR’ to profit from organizational change

With each week bringing yet another company announcing lay-offs, businesses must become more adaptable to change. In this exclusive...

Jessica Zwaan on 'People Ops': What HR can learn from product teams

Think of People Ops as a subscription product. Employees buy into it during the recruitment process, subscribe monthly, and unless...

Minimizing risk, maximizing ROI: The most valuable change management strategies

Change management expert Melanie Franklin shares the contents of three valuable change management strategies to mitigate risk,...

Terence Mauri: In trust, we thrive

HR Effectiveness

Terence Mauri: In trust, we thrive

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