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Younger generation is fuelling interest in HR roles

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Search data reveals a huge uplift in interest in HR roles, most notably among the younger generation looking for graduate schemes

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New analysis, conducted by digital workforce solutions provider Factorial, has highlighted that HR industry careers are increasingly sought after around throughout the UK, especially towards the end of last year, and by graduate job-seekers.

The analysis, provided by online visibility management SaaS platform Semrush, investigated online search trends around the UK for the last 12 months, specifically relating to Human Resources or HR trends.

It found that across this period, there has been a massive 26,900% increase in searches for ‘human resource management graduate scheme’ within the UK.

This increasing consideration of HR as a career choice is being driven by the younger generation: searches for Human Resources College degree have increased by 2,850%, and ‘Human Resources Intern’ has spiked as a search term by 2,300%.

However, HR careers and roles in general have all seen a significant surge in interest around the UK, indicated by these online searches.

Searches for ‘HR Careers London’ and ‘HR jobs London City’ have increased by 11,900% across the last 12 months, with similar trends in evidence for other UK cities. Instances of people looking online for ‘Human Resources Positions near me’ have grown by 9,400%.

Beyond the increase in interest in HR career options, the online search data also highlighted other areas of focus for the discipline. For example, the searched terms reflect an  acknowledgement of the impact of technology on the HR department.

Searches for ‘AI in human resource management’ increased by 1,200% across the year, while searches for ‘Human Resources information system’ grew by 1,677%. ‘HR Manager software’ increased by some 1017.6% over the same time period.

“As a partner of HR departments around the world, it is wonderful to see job seekers and graduates in particular be attracted to the HR profession, especially as they take their first steps in the world of work,” says Amanda Maireles of Factorial.

“Human Resources has taken great strides forward in challenging dated perceptions of the function, and the growth of technology-fuelled tools which integrate into modern workplaces has served to underline this shift.”

Maireles said it was particularly “gratifying” to see the demand for modern HR careers growing among graduate audiences, and one which she hopes to see continue long into the future for this “essential role” underpinning employee wellbeing and development.

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