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Generate high-quality leads and establish YOUR BRAND as a trusted partner in the center of the people leader community.

B2B lead generation that works

HRD | Engage connects you with an audience of over 500,000 people leaders worldwide. It’s a community that’s co-creating a new landscape of people-oriented leadership — and we match their ambitions with your solutions.

Our lead generation services are the cornerstone of our offering to senior HR executives. Our Digital Series, Thought Leadership, and Brand Awareness channels are designed to generate high-quality leads and open new opportunities for your business. With our proven marketing acquisition channels, you can engage key clients, target new individuals, and qualify leads effectively.

Our approach is tailored to engage senior HR executives at every stage of the B2B technology purchase journey, building long-term relationships between buyers and sellers of technology for the most successful partnership.

Our community of people leaders is the result of 35 years’ market development and expertise. With our tech solutions you can place your brand at front of mind among your primary customers:

  • Allow our bespoke platform to generate high-quality leads for your business by matching your needs with the right target audience
  • Become an industry leader and influencer by building your Thought Leadership content
  • Get your brand in front of the right crowd with Brand Awareness
  • Reach more industry decision-makers by joining our Digital Series

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HRD is a global community

With over 35 years of expertise building and brand awareness strategies, we drive sustainable, inclusive, and people-oriented environments while delivering customer engagement.


66% of our members are Senior Level: Director, VP, C-Level, MD, President


62% are businesses with 500M+ turnover


65% are companies with 1000+ employees

HRD means industry insight

Explore our Resources today and unlock the power of knowledge for your organization. Action better decision-making for the future of HRD.

HRD means lifelong partnerships

Venturing into the virtual events, thought leadership, brand awareness or lead generation space, will help support your team with key marketing acquisition channels. In turn, you can also engage key clients, target new individuals and most importantly, open up new opportunities.

We work with the most innovative and forward-thinking businesses. We connect HR Tech solutions to the people who need them. Together we forge a new future for the HR industry.