Thought leadership content for better lead generation

Establish your team as a key voice in the UK and global people leader community. Our in-house editorial team is here to curate content to position you as a thought leader. Collaborate with us on Survey & Research Reports, Bespoke Videos, Buyers Guides and Native Articles to reach over 500,000 key HR decision-makers. Inspire conversations in your market, unlock new research and influence the buying process.

Native Articles

Native articles seamlessly integrate with our page content, driving brand awareness as well as highlighting key messages and viewpoints from your organisation.

Survey & Research Reports

Our content team creates surveys and research reports to explore new and important trends in the HR sector. Once the data has been collected and analysed, the report is crafted by our editors. As the sponsor of this content you gain access to download details, capturing new contacts to follow up direct.

Buyer’s Guides

Influence your clients’ buying process and raise awareness of your brand with a Buyer’s Guide.

  • Guide others through the technology buying process
  • Become a trusted advisor for progressing technological adoption
  • Align your solutions with impactful content to engage the HR community
  • Work with our Customer Success team to plan bespoke marketing and social media campaigns
  • Seek our support to turn download leads into converted customers

Bespoke Video

Collaborate with our editorial team to produce unique, compelling video-based content. Reach over 500,000 HRD Connect users with a tried and tested approach. Work with our expert editorial team to explore a variety of formats such as 1 on 1, panel discussion and investigative video reports.


  • Full license to distribute content
  • Collaboration with the content team
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