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5 things that mattered this week: Creating communities, the post-2020 talent space, and more

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Every week, we give you 5 key takeaways from our insights and thought leadership on HRD Connect. This week: Debra Corey on creating communities in the workplace, we map out the post-2020 talent landscape, and more.

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Connections and communities are crucial

The impact of COVID-19 is bound to ripple through organizations and have a negative impact on culture. Therefore, in 2020, organizations must make a contrived effort to repair the damage and keep culture alive. That’s why, according to HRD Thought Leader Debra Corey, building a tangible sense of community is essential in the modern workplace. In her article last week, Corey outlined her top tips for companies looking to achieve this.

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The talent landscape – where do we go from here?

The talent space can be particularly volatile, but with COVID-19 and Brexit coinciding in 2020, the difficulty has reached unprecedented levels. In order to keep their heads above water, leaders must now juggle and reconcile the particular retention and acquisition woes that accompany each scenario. With the particular complexity of this situation, we’ve unpacked the main points in the second of our new series of HRD Deep Dives, providing a full run-down for HR and business leaders looking to pivot their post-2020 talent strategies.

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Recognition – the secret weapon in the war on talent?

As HR leaders try to create the best talent management process, there has never been a more important time to show compassion and give people that extra boost. This is why more thorough and more frequent recognition can be a simple but greatly effective tool for leaders in 2020, and can be shown to be a huge benefit to employees, businesses, and consumers. Last week, Jill Christensen, HRD Thought Leader and engagement expert gave us the full run-down of this topic.

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Talent acquisition – encouraging real change

Times are changing fast, and it can be hard to keep up. Naturally, many of us are set in our old ways, and this is no different for talent professionals and hiring managers. Katrina Collier, HRD Thought Leader and found of The Searchologist gives her take on this, explaining how HR leaders can use facilitation to encourage real change.

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HRD: A Virtual Experience – Embracing Cultural Shifts

On September 17th 2020, HRD brings you HRD: A Virtual Experience – Embracing Cultural Shifts; a day of unmissable sessions, 100% online, examining the future of HR and business in a world turned upside down, featuring must-see insights from Jennifer Christie, Ruchi Jalla, Ben Eubanks, Mike Bokina, and more.

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