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5 things that mattered this week: Sony Music, Terence Mauri on culture, and more

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Every week, we give you 5 key takeaways from our insights and thought leadership on HRD Connect. This week: Sony Music on compassionate leadership, Terence Mauri on culture, and much more.

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Sony Music Entertainment: ‘It’s about being courageous’

From talent strategies to culture initiatives to health and wellbeing, every core area undergoes fundamental shifts in order to align with the changing expectations of organizations and employees alike. Leadership is no exception to this this rule. The need for a more considered approach to leadership has been felt for quite some time in business, but the events of 2020 have only compounded this.

With the help of David Reay, International SVP, HR, Sony Music Entertainment, we took a closer look at how organizations can react.

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Workforce planning post-2020 – finding the balance

As the pandemic subsides, many organizations don’t know which way to turn. In large part, this will constitute the end of the corporate conundrum that has blighted the working world for nearly half a year. However, from a certain perspective, the greatest conundrum is still yet to come.

The natural response is to return to the office, but is this the most effective solution? With the help of industry experts Becky Thoseby, Ministry of Justice UK, and Chuck Heaton, HRD Thought Leader, we took a closer look.

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Terence Mauri: ‘Culture is now your operating system’

With disruption an everyday reality, changing the company culture to be more agile, risk-tolerant, and experimental is the biggest HR opportunity and challenge of the decade. Companies that unlock a winning culture at speed and scale will transform at a pace that leaves their competitors behind.

In this thought leaderships article, Terence Mauri argues for the importance of culture in ensuring business and employee success in the time ahead.

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Drivers and the return to work

As organizations prepare for the return to work, there is one key aspect of HR that will take center-stage: employee wellbeing. However, this is particularly significant when it comes to drivers. And o make matters worse, the lack of co-location can make this particularly difficult to keep track of.

So, as the return to work looms, how can leaders gain a better grasp of this? Webfleet’s Steven Lewis and Richard Parker discuss all of this and more in this episode of the HRD Live Podcast.

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The workplace of the future – a fine balance

The effects of COVID-19 have permeated all aspects of the working world, spanning both the physical and non-physical. Where the non-physical is concerned, the pandemic has disrupted the entire gamut of business practices and procedures. Talent acquisition and retention, leadership styles, company culture and employee engagement all come to mind (to name just a few). All of these areas have either shifted significantly, or taken a hit.

So, when it comes to conducting a safe and productive return to work, organizations must strike the ultimate balance to provide the best solution for each employee. But how? In this week’s HRD Deep Dive, we unpack the issue.

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