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5 things we learned last week - Ericsson, Matthew Syed and more

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Every week, we give you 5 key takeaways from our insights and thought leadership on HRD Connect. This week: Ed O’Brien, Ericsson, outlines the importance of maintaining L&D initiatives through crisis, Matthew Syed gives his views on D&I in 2020, and more.

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1. A new era for learning & development

In an era where many company initiatives are at risk of falling by the wayside, it’s increasingly important for HR leaders to recognize the importance of learning and development in the workplace, and ensure that it is still delivered. With the help of Ed O’Brien, Head of Learning and Development, Europe and Latin America, Ericsson, we investigated this topic further, identifying the importance of power skills, business agility and more.

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2. Matthew Syed and Blenheim Chalcot on diversity and inclusion

Whilst the events of 2020 have brought considerable disruption, they have also helped set the stage for a crucial, global dialogue. Now is the time for business leaders to step up, make a change, and strive for true diversity. Matthew Syed, author, columnist, consultant and HRD Thought Leader, and Manoj Badale, entrepreneur and co-founder of Blenehim Chalcot, discussed this at length during an exclusive webinar earlier this week.

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3. The ‘Zoomification’ of work

A major by-product of the global pandemic, technology has become the crutch on which much of the business world currently rests. More specifically, this trend is being referred to as ‘Zoomification’.But what does this mean, and how can HR leaders use the situation to their advantage whilst evading the dangers? With the help of HRD Thought Leader Kevin Empey, we looked into this further.

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4. The leaders of tomorrow

The world of business is changing, and naturally, so are the requirements of good leadership. However, organizations must quickly decipher what these requirements are, and how to implement them. Heidi Lynne, writer, leadership expert and HRD Thought Leader, outlines precisely what the leaders of tomorrow should look like.

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5. What has 2020 taught people leaders?

As 2020 passes its half-way point, HR leaders look back on six months which have pushed business and people management across the world to its very limit. The questions that have been posed are manifold: have established HR strategies held up? What will be the long-term effects of last-minute operational changes, such as large-scale remote working and returning from the furlough scheme? How will the recovery process vary from industry to industry and country to country? With this in mind, we highlighted some of HRD Connect’s key learnings of 2020 so far.

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