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5 things that mattered this week: AI in talent management, CSR, and more

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Every week, we give you 5 key takeaways from our insights and thought leadership on HRD Connect. This week: Terence Terence Mauri offers his thoughts on how to “win the future”, we investigate how to build a winning workforce post-2020, and more.

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1. Breaking new ground in the talent space

Sourcing, hiring, retaining and motivating top employees is a well-known challenge for HR leaders. But as with many things, AI can help with it. All it takes is for organizations to commit themselves to the task, and familiarize themselves with what needs to be acted on in order for the big questions to be tackled. For instance, what’s the ideal balance between technology and humanity? And what skills should organizations be looking to acquire in order to operate new systems and processes? HRD Thought Leader Terence Mauri offered his take on this, outlining key trends to be mindful of in a period of change.

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2. Building a winning workforce post-2020

In this climate of incessant change, leaders must establish a firm grasp on what the organization needs, and how to attain it. Workforce planning and talent strategy will play a major role in this mission. More specifically, leaders must nurture, develop and retain existing talent, and acquire new, high-quality workers in order to drive business continuity. In many ways, this comes down to employer brand and employee value proposition. With this in mind, we took a closer look with the help of renowned industry experts Dina Alvarez and Katrina Collier.

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3. Taking responsibility and care as an organization

In 2020’s corporate climate, D&I and CSR are key trends for business leaders to be aware of. Whilst the success of these things has often been defined in money-making terms, now is the time for leaders to step up and ensure that they are baking these values into the bottom line of the company, and striving to make a genuine social impact. HRD Thought Leader Janine Dennis explains the importance of an effective, meaningful strategy that creates positive change.

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4. Talent acquisition – where do we go from here?

Recent months have forced businesses to re-evaluate their internal processes in order to remain competitive. As is often the case, talent acquisition is key here. In order to navigate this new landscape and continue to hire effectively, organizations must adopt an absolute policy of transparency when it comes to areas such as pay ranges and application processes. HRD Thought Leader Wendy Dailey offers her thoughts.

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5. AI – it doesn’t have to be a losing battle

In many ways, the future is now for HR and business leaders. Though many old practices remain, the corporate world is changing fast, and so leaders must quickly pivot in order to embrace the change and generate success. Author, speaker and HRD Thought Leader Terence Mauri offers his thoughts on this, outlining how leaders can “win the future”.

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