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5 things we learned this week - July 10th 2020

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Every week, we give you 5 key takeaways from our insights and thought leadership on HRD Connect. This week: Netflix senior leaders outline how to create informative, gripping brand content, decision intellligence points the way forward for recruitment automation, and more.

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1. WeAreNetflix: How the streaming giant develops a rich company culture

Operating in a crowded marketplace, Netflix would quickly fall short if it wasn’t able to offer engaging, memorable content on a regular basis. At LinkedIn’s 2020 Virtual Conference, Employer Brand Managers Amir Moini and Marquise McCoy outlined how the platform creates equally strong brand content. Whether it’s an employee podcast that garners over a million downloads or opening a dialogue between diverse groups of their staff members, Netflix’s active interest and representation of its team will be an example for other brands to follow.

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2. The importance of an effective post-pandemic HR strategy

The shock of Coronavirus has thrown virtually every company’s business plan into disarray but has emphasized the need for a strong HR strategy to adapt to the ‘new normal’. Dan Schawbel, New York Times Bestselling writer of Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation and Managing Partner of Workplace Intelligence, outlines how crucial HR will be in the time to come, from onboarding new team members to ensuring employee satisfaction while working remotely.

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3. Decision intelligence: the key to sourcing top talent

For HR leaders, staff recruitment has posed major challenges: a massive dedication of team resources, finding top-quality candidates using fragmented sources, verifying candidates’ credentials, and ensuring diversity policies are followed to the letter. Automation goes some way to tackling these issues, as seen with the recent rise in decision intelligence, but with the risk of historic biases ingrained in technological innovation, is it really time to say goodbye to the human touch?

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4. Ensuring the health and wellbeing of leaders

HR leaders must work to guarantee that every team member is able to have sound health and wellbeing while in the workplace. Recent global events have added additional stress for leaders, who often must make significant operational decisions, have long working days and perform demanding duties. To lessen the risk of burnout and ensure productivity, leaders can take several practical steps that’ll not only improve wellbeing but add to the overall quality of life.

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5. HR and the need to expect the unexpected

Recent times have been defined by unprecedented events and the difficulties in planning for them. Comprehensive HR strategies have fallen short but can be radically improved by making proactive changes, which should be able to answer many pressing questions: are internal strategies able to cope with a new pandemic? Do staff feel like they’re being effectively communicated to when covering operational changes? Have HR leaders fully embraced the potential of flexibility to benefit both staff members and the business?

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