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How Netflix is developing its employer brand in 2020

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Employer brand is a crucial cultural tool within organizations, but is so often neglected. During a crisis, this could be detrimental. During LinkedIn’s 2020 Virtual Conference Series, Netlflix gave a comprehensive run-down of its approach to employer brand, and how a content-led approach is the key.

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With the corporate world still in disarray and many senior leaders not knowing which way to turn, crucial aspects of company culture, employee satisfaction and talent management are at risk of being neglected.

What’s more, it’s never been trickier to approach and attempt to remedy such issues. With everyone’s circumstances varying so widely, it can be hard for organizations to know what to say and how to say it.

However, a sensitive, inclusive and compassionate approach to employer branding could be the key. In today’s problematic climate, this is potentially more crucial than ever.

For instance, according to a LinkedIn Talent Solutions study earlier this year, it was discovered that communicating empathy and authentically showcasing your company is a better long-term solution for growing loyal and lasting connections.

Netflix is one example of an organization taking this principle to heart, focusing efforts on developing its employer brand in 2020, and showcasing company culture through empathy.

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