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Empowerment analytics: How and why should we measure empowerment?

Empowered employees produce 87% more than others, but 85% of employees define empowerment through abstract concepts. Empowerment expert Ashley...

Closing the HR-to-CEO gap: unlocking HR’S potential to enhance strategic impact

Exploring transformative approaches for HR to bridge its divide with CEOs, amplifying its strategic influence in organizational...

Ruinous Empathy: Kim Scott on dismantling “the most common form” of ineffective feedback

Radical Candor creator Kim Scott has found Ruinous Empathy to be the most prevalent form of bad employee feedback. She shares...

Unlocking opportunities: empowering employees through internal talent sourcing and career frameworks

In the rapidly changing world of work, forward-thinking firms are increasingly embracing the value of internal talent sourcing and...

A holistic approach to diversity and inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

A holistic approach to diversity and inclusion

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