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Shaping the industry: HRD Collective

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Join us on May 24, 2022 at the HRD Collective where we are bringing together senior HR leaders to resolve the most pressing business challenges.

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The HRD Collective has been expertly curated through in-depth research with our community, bringing together senior HR leaders to resolve the most pressing business challenges. Learn the megatrends that are driving HR from a cutting-edge schedule, co-developed with progressive thought-leaders from the HR world.

The world of work is operating in a dynamically challenging and changing environment. Accelerated transformation in the coming year requires HR leaders to stay one step ahead of the most pressing issues. 2022 offers an opportunity to reflect on our learnings and turn those reflections into empowered solutions.

Join us on May 24th, 2022, for a collaborative investigation into your key pain points where we focus on enabling meaningful interactive engagements. The outcome will be a 360-degree analysis of your pain points with practical recommendations to transform your organizations.

It is time to Reconnect, Readjust and Refocus.

What’s Included

Scene Setters

Where the big questions get answered and we lay the groundwork for the Digital Incubators. This could take the form of a keynote-style talk from a thought-leading expert, on-demand podcast, intimate fireside chats or a panel session where you can hear from multiple points of view.


Our panels of thought leaders and senior HR professionals will share their insights into the future of the HR role. Hear a variety of views on a topic for a rounded, future-oriented discussion, shaped live by your questions.

Digital Incubators

Digital Incubators are the interactive cornerstone of The Collective. Each Incubator will radically reinvent how we tackle challenges, navigate personal development stumbling blocks and fuel the realization of opportunities to power a new breed of business. In conjunction with your peers, interactive incubators will allow you the opportunity to forge avenues to co-create desired solutions and roadmaps. Under the guidance of highly experienced session leads, you’ll leverage the benefit of multiple perspectives by building off one another’s input to generate tangible

Agenda Highlights

The Secret to Scaling Culture During Rapid Transformation Bhavana Bartholf, Chief Transformation Officer at Microsoft

As many companies transition into a hypergrowth phase of their operating journey, many find maintaining their cultural identity at loggerheads with their ability to rapidly transform. As a business expands, mini cultures can develop which threaten the DNA of a company’s identity and the foundations of which it was born. Staying true to core corporate values remains an imperative for the people leader’s agenda, as culture must be scaled, and sustained during this time to safeguard the long-term success of any booming business

This scene-setter delivered by Bhavana Bartholf, Chief Transformation Officer at Microsoft will delve deeper into how we can effectively set cultural transformation goals that are in line with the company’s strategy and how to get it right.

Getting DE&I Programs Moving with Limited Resources DK Bartley, Chief Diversity Officer at Moody’s

A diverse workforce that is treated equitably and fairly is one of the keys to organizational success. Structured, measurable, and impactful changes hold the key to making concrete changes. However, whilst organizations today want to diversify, there are resource constraints. There are fewer recruiters and, in some cases, reduced budgets. How can we do more with less? How can we support minority groups once they are part of the organization?

will expertly lead this incubator session and answer some of these burning questions including how we make DE&I sustainable long term and improve institutional knowledge to make progress on internal DE&I ambitions.

Find out more and join us

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