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The best of 2022 on HRD Connect

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Editor Elizabeth Roscoe looks at HRD Connect’s most popular case studies and thought leadership columns of 2022.

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In 2022, HR leaders rose to the challenges that an ever-changing workplace landscape presented. From hybrid and remote working to the complexities of managing and supporting employee mental health and wellbeing, as well as ever-tightening budgets–we’ve faced it all.

Many of these challenges have been covered here on HRD Connect through thought leadership articles, case studies, and podcast episodes. From Patagonia to Marks and Spencers, we have spoken with HR leaders at some of the most influential companies to hear about their challenges and their successes.

Most popular of 2022

As we look back at the most popular articles of 2022*, we see both leadership and diversity are front and center. Quiet quitting, a new name for an old phenomenon, has also made a feature.

From five to one, here are our top-performing pieces of the year:

5. Dave Ulrich: How can business and HR leaders simplify complexity 

HR thought leader Dave Ulrich outlined ways leaders can deal with complexity in an increasingly busy world, including how to think critically and turn aspiration into action.

Simplifying complexity

4. Is quiet quitting bad?

For a good while in the late summer of 2022, everyone in HR seemed to be talking about quiet quitting (and the discussion continues today!) We took look at what we think quiet quitting is, what’s causing it, and what HR leaders and teams should do about it.

3. How Mclaren is leading the F1 pack on diversity

McLaren is the most successful team in Formula 1, renowned for its innovative tactics and technology. Now the Woking-headquartered enterprise is applying that same spirit of fearlessness to its DEI drive, as chief people lead Daniel Gallo explains in this popular case study.

How McLaren is leading the F1 pack on diversity

2. The four pillars of workplace wellbeing: What does it mean for talent in a hybrid world?

In this article, we explored the four pillars of wellbeing in the workplace, including tips on how HR can offer support in today’s new hybrid world.

1. Dave Ulrich: 5 HR competencies and actions to enable renewal through human capability

And coming in as our number one most read article of 2022, Dave Ulrich outlined 5 competencies and actions for HR and business leaders to follow to leverage and create human capability that delivers value to all stakeholders.

Looking ahead to 2023

What will the new year hold for us? Looking ahead into 2023, we expect to see a continued focus on financial wellbeing, talent attraction and retention, change management, and planning for a workforce that will continue to be hybrid in nature.

The reality is that organizations are facing economic pressures like no time in recent memory and this will have an effect on the entire HR ecosystem–from the top to the bottom.

Although the challenges are many, we have weathered these storms before with grace and will continue to do so well past 2023.

Thank you for your support of HRD Connect over the past year. From everyone here, we wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season and year ahead!

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