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HRD Network: Curators of the new business landscape

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An interview with Nicholas Jennings from HRD Network on the past, present and future of the innovative platform for HR leaders.

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HRD Connect recently sat down with Nicholas Jennings, Head of Community Development with the HRD Network, to learn more about the network and what it can offer HR leaders.

The HRD Network community brings together Human Resource experts and provides a platform for members to connect and co-create. It does this with one goal in mind, to become curators of the new business landscape. It achieves this through online events, sharing the latest news within HR and providing a gateway for members to collaborate.

If you are a high-level HR leader within your business and are looking to connect with other professionals like yourself this is the community for you!


Please introduce yourself and your role with the network.

I’ve been working for Contentive for over a year and a half, I was hired remotely during the pandemic while based in France. I’ve held three positions in the business, and currently Head of Community Development. My role is focused on our HR community, generating actionable insights, cultivating collaboration between peers, and catalyzing meaningful connections within the network.

Tell us what the HRD Network is and how it came into being.

The HRD Network is a community platform where we bring our mission to life, which is to provide expert insights that our members can apply in their businesses, a space for peers to learn from one another and problem-solve, all while connecting with peers across the globe. Communities are spaces where people with a common purpose come together to share, support each other and grow. As a business, we realized that setting up a community like this would benefit our audience in a meaningful way. It’s been in operation for about one year now.

How does the Network complement the other areas under the HRD umbrella, like HRD Connect and the HRD Collective?

The HRD brand already engages with HR leaders and professionals through our Connect content platform, our Collective conference, our tech-focused roundtables and webinars. The HRD Network responds to the need for more meaningful engagement, where the experience is user-oriented and available on the move with the mobile app.

Who should join the Network and why?

The HRD Network, as the name suggests is for HR leaders and professionals around the globe. It’s a really critical time for HR leaders, as they face numerous challenges, whether it be finding the most effective way for their people to work, supporting people through the cost of living crisis, or securing the best talent. The HRD Network is becoming the place where HR leaders can go for inspiration, and connect with people facing similar challenges. This ultimately facilitates improved problem-solving.

What type of content will one get from joining?

We have a range of formats, from video, to articles, webinars and soon we will be hosting intimate, exclusive face-to-face events. The content is always aligned with current and future key topics.

Where do you see the Network going in the next 5 years? What are your goals?

We are focused on engagement and growth right now. In the next five years, HRD Network will have thousands of members and be the vibrant, go-to platform for HR leaders across the globe.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Joining is easy, just pop your detail in the form and wait for confirmation. The Network is only open to people active in the HR space. It is not a marketplace, but rather a space for learning, connection and sharing. Once you’re approved, please come along, post, find colleagues and new connections.

Sign up here: https://hrd-community.mn.co/

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