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How HR can promote racial equity and tackle discrimination today

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HR influencer Shereen Daniels outlines organisational challenges and how leaders can strategise to help ensure racial equity

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All things considered, HR has a fairly straightforward purpose: to optimise the performance of professionals and help ensure the organisation meets its objectives. HR leaders undertake a range of initiatives with a view to achieving this purpose; for instance, D&I strategy.

In this undertaking, leaders seek to build a diverse and inclusive organisational culture. This is achieved in a number of ways: analysing and working on measurable factors, such as pay gaps, the gender balance, and disparities in promotion; creating a dialogue with groups like the LGBT community, and people from ethnic minority backgrounds; and improving and refining a range of internal processes, from the disciplinary process to talent acquisition.

D&I is a hugely important concern for today’s leaders, but recent political and social events worldwide have forced many to question its efficacy. For instance, are leaders doing enough to address systemic issues around discrimination? What does an organisation with true racial equity look like? Plus, does the fear of causing offence stifle an open, honest and constructive approach to this burning issue?

In this video, HR influencer Shereen Daniels raises these issues and offers handy tips to leaders who want to promote racial equity within the organisation. Daniels has a distinguished background, voted one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices for 2020 for her insightful and passionate approach to conversations around race.

Drawing heavily on her personal and professional background, Daniels highlights how discrimination can exist in today’s organisations and clarifies why further change needs to happen. Watch Daniels’ talk to discover key insights:

2.05 – Why leaders need to break out of a comfort zone

5.50 – ‘You need to understand the problem before you can solve it’

7.30 – The need to listen to employee concerns

11.41 – Creating a framework to promote racial equity

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