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The People Practices Podcast on human resources as a board priority

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HRD Thought Leader Chuck Heaton, Chuck Kemper and Sanjay Harrichand discuss why boards of directors should prioritise human resources in the year ahead

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We often attempt to highlight human resources’ key areas, but in reality, the entire world of people practices has been ruptured by recent events. Solid certainties have been brushed away, old pressures have increased, and a host of new challenges have arisen.

With this in mind, Chuck Heaton, HRD Thought Leader, has collaborated with a range of HR professionals to delve into the subject, raising and exploring each of the most salient topics.

The People Practices Podcast – and its editorial series – tackles pressing issues like executive leadership assessments, healthy workplace assessments, D&I, leadership pipelines, and ways of working.

Joining Heaton is Chuck Kemper, a senior HR consultant and global HR executive, with over 25 years of experience leading HR teams in multi-national companies.

Completing the panel is Sanjay Harrichand, senior human resources consultant and an international HR executive from South Africa, with over 20 years of experience leading HR teams in the mining and energy sectors. Absent from this episode is Jason Anderson, VP of HR at U.S. Physical Therapy, Inc., who has spent the last 10 years leading HR teams in multi-national companies.

This episode summarises the panel’s key argument made over a series of discussions and articles, that boards of directors should focus on HR as a priority in the year ahead. From improving leadership development to implementing successful remote working, our panel brings insightful perspectives to some of the most pressing organisational issues.

2.01 – Does managing up risk creating blind spots for boards of directors?

4.20 – Why boards need to look beyond a solely financial perspective

6.30 – How senior leaders can jeopardise their organisations

8.00 – The need to cultivate frontline leaders

9.05 – How new priorities have emerged over the last year

11.25 – Why boards need to get to the reality of the organisation

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