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Matthew Syed and Blenheim Chalcot on race, diversity, and progress

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The events of 2020 so far have given us much to think about when it comes to the changing landscape of business. Fleshing out some of these thoughts will be Matthew Syed and Manoj Badale, as they join forces to discuss some of the corporate world’s most pressing issues, such as race and diversity. Here’s what to expect.

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2020 has shaken the world of business to its very core, and in more ways than one. But whilst many would be quick to call this ‘change’, perhaps ‘progress’ or ‘evolution’ are better terms. As is the case in all walks of life, the turmoil has served a stark reminder of some fundamentally important values.

The coronavirus pandemic, for all the devastation it has wreaked, has taught us that modern organisations must be flexible and agile, and that health and wellbeing are not to be taken for granted among workforces. Equally, with the public outcry and support for activist groups that we’ve witnessed in recent months, we are reminded that diversity and inclusion, and the pursuit of a better, fairer society, should lie at the heart of any modern organisation’s mission.

But this is just scratching the surface. This is a discourse that can and will continue to span multiple generations, and one that warrants careful, measured analysis.

Fortunately, one such discussion will be taking place in the very near future. Matthew Syed, writer, journalist, and HRD Thought Leader, and Manoj Badale, Co-founder, Blenheim Chalcot, will be live in conversation on 16 July 2020, from 09:30 EST /14:30 BST. 

Brought to you by Hive Learning and Matthew Syed Consulting, join two of the brightest minds in business, sport, and high performance, to pool insights on how organisations can break down systemic barriers and create the conditions for diverse teams to thrive.

Why attend?

Diversity is not new to the C-suite agenda. Progressive organisations have long known their role in tackling societal and systemic inequalities, and the power of diverse perspectives to create robust and innovative businesses.

But it’s clear that progress to-date has been slow, and organizations must do more to level the playing field. One truth remains — only by changing our systems, processes, and everyday habits will we truly create a more equitable world.

But while public statements of support and donations send powerful messages, it is only by changing our systems, processes, and everyday habits that we will truly level the playing field.

What to expect

As well as sharing their personal experiences, Matthew Syed and Manoj Badale will offer their insights on:

  • The nuances of the diversity debate — what they are and why they matter
  • The systemic barriers to diversity and how to break them down
  • How to create the conditions for diverse teams to thrive
  • What businesses get wrong, and what they get right
  • How to tap into people’s desire to do good and create a culture that values and nurtures diverse talent

There will also be an open Q&A for all attendees.

Matthew Syed 

Matthew Syed is an author and highly acclaimed speaker. He has written six best-selling books on the subject of mindset and high performance, and has worked with many leading organisations to build a mindset of continuous improvement. He is also a multi-award winning journalist for The Times and a regular contributor to television and radio.

In his most recent best-seller, Rebel Ideas: The Power of Diverse Thinking, Matthew argues that individual intelligence is no longer enough to solve today’s complex problems; to truly succeed we must harness the power of ‘cognitive diversity’.

Matthew’s work explores a thought-provoking approach to high performance in the context of a complex and fast-changing world. By understanding the intimate connection between mindset and high performance, organisations can unlock untapped potential in individuals and teams, driving innovation and agility to secure a future-proofed environment.

Matthew is also co-founder of Matthew Syed Consulting. The company has worked with an impressive portfolio of clients to build growth mindset cultures and drive higher performance in individuals, teams and organisations. Its cutting-edge thought leadership program and digital learning tools are becoming a catalyst for real and lasting change within business and the public sector.

Matthew also works very closely with the education sector to help improve mindsets in schools and young people. He is an active founding member of the charity Greenhouse Sports and an ambassador for the PiXL Educational Foundation.

Manoj Badale

Manoj Badale is Co-founder of Blenheim Chalcot, the UK’s leading digital venture builder, with a track record of building over 40 disruptive businesses including Agilisys, ClearScore, Salary Finance and Hive Learning.

Blenheim Chalcot builds businesses under one guiding principle – that we can all go faster when we pool our knowledge and learn from one another, helping businesses adapt and evolve faster than the competition. Back in 2012, Manoj co-founded Hive Learning — a peer learning platform that helps organizations scale cultural change digitally, with one particular ‘content platform’ that focuses on inclusion and belonging.

Hive Learning’s Inclusion Works program takes organizations on a journey from awareness through to action, helping them build an everyday habit of inclusion.

Manoj is also the Chairman of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales’ British Asian Trust, a charity focused on reducing poverty and disadvantage for communities in South Asia. He was also Chairman of Operation Smile UK for over 10 years and is a founding Trustee of Charity Digital — a digital marketplace for charities.

Register now, to secure your free place for Matthew Syed and Manoj Badale’s conversation on race, diversity, and progress in business.

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