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Podcast: Putting the real people at the centre of your people strategy

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Liz Villani, founder of Courageous Success talks to HRD Connect in an exclusive podcast about the importance of being yourself at work, as well as discussing how this can improve employee engagement.

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Liz Villani
Liz Villani

Encouraging a workforce to be themselves at work can come along with many benefits. Not only does this increase positivity in the workplace, but this can also support employee engagement and experience. Liz Villani, Founder of Courageous Success is a believer of adopting this culture and discusses the perks of investing in this opportunity.

In a session at HRD Summit UK at 3.25pm on the 5th of February, Liz Villani will share an experience of who you are and how to bring more of yourself to work. A personal exploration combined with compelling evidence that being yourself at work dramatically affects engagement and agility to create a conscious organisation.



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