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WATCH: Enabling highly productive teams in hybrid working

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For Hitachi Europe’s CHRO, Stephen Piece, building adaptability for tomorrow is a key organisational priority

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Recent events have forced firms of all sizes to reconsider their key organisational and team objectives. For Hitachi Europe’s deputy managing director and CHRO, Stephen Piece, it has been a chance to judge what’s most important in HR and build mindsets that are equipped to deal with the challenges that lie ahead.

To that end, Pierce believes that a set of qualities will lead the firm into a brighter future, including: putting faith in teams to perform effectively, including turning disadvantages into opportunities; the need to secure professional wellbeing for all levels of the workforce on an ongoing basis; prioritising D&I and recognising the obstacles that can occur in the hybrid working model; plus, understanding that the demands of HR have shifted, and the need to communicate what this function of the organisation can accomplish.

In the fourth episode of the Leadership Learnings series, Price details the need for HR leaders to accept that future strategic success will depend on an approach of continual learning; indeed, Price defines a winning formula as ‘listening, learning and leading’.

Over the course of the video, you’ll discover actionable insights on pressing industry issues such as:

0.21 – HR having to step up to deal with recent challenges

0.42 – Building on key learnings to devise successful strategies in the time ahead

1.04 – A prior hesitance towards flexible ways of working has been ushered away by recent team performance

2.40 – Technology’s role in connecting teams and ensuring that organisations meet their objectives

3.43 – A focus on developing employees as a pillar of D&I policy

4.01 – An organisational understanding that HR’s priorities have changed

4.40 – Why adaptability is becoming a core value

5.09 – Defining a strategy which reflects the organisation’s distinctive needs

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