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WATCH: Connection and collaboration in a hybrid workplace

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Alison Noon-Jones, VP of People & Culture at Leidos UK & Europe, shares how crucial employee engagement and participation is when shaping the people strategy, and how this helps strike the right balance for a hybrid way of working.

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When figuring our their hybrid working strategy, Leidos wanted to ensure they weren’t too prescriptive in their approach. Instead, the business allowed the freedom of choice for their people, giving them the option to decide when and how often they wanted to be in the office.

According to Alison Noon-Jones, VP of People & Culture for UK and Europe, this decision added to the feeling of connection and excitement when people began to return to the office last year.

As Leidos continues to shape the people strategy for 2022, Alison says the focus is on working together as one organisation. The goal is to create a way of working that works for everyone. And to do this, employees are encouraged to use their voice and get involved.

This helps to create respect and engagement within the business while ensuring everyone is happy with the future ways of working.

0.12 ‐ Establishing hybrid working principles

0.31 ‐ Connectivity, collaboration and energy in the office

1.15 ‐ Shaping the people strategy for 2022 and beyond with employees

1.53 ‐ Allowing freedom of choice in the ways of working

2.10 ‐ The importance of putting sound policies in place for employees to access help, information and benefits

2.26 ‐ How encouraging participation and involvement helps to increase the employee voice and drive engagement with the strategy

3.00 ‐ How quick wins can create mutual respect between employees and leaders, and encourage working as one organisation.

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