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How to create a socially conscious culture that prioritises integrity

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Mencap senior HR leader Sara Sheard outlines how the charity has operated with integrity through disruption.

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For over a year, organisations have been expected to live up to their core values under immense pressure, with serious implications for employer branding, talent strategy, and workplace culture.

This is particularly true for the third sector, where organisations work to create positive change for disadvantaged groups. One of the UK’s leading charities, Mencap, was faced with a host of new challenges at the start of the pandemic

In what ways would it be possible to ensure financial stability for its countrywide workforce? How to develop a strong talent acquisition process with frontline workers in danger? Plus, the ability to develop an effective future of work policy for uncertain conditions?

Sara Sheard, deputy people director of Mencap, outlines how the organisation sought to create a socially conscious culture to benefit its staff, operations, partners and clients.

The initiatives that the charity undertook included retaining the full pay rate for staff on furlough, building agility and new ways of working into HR strategy, and offering a range of development opportunities.

Mencap embraced the potential of digital change with its launch of Mencap Live sessions, where speakers could engage with hundreds of attendees from the charity.

Watch the video with Sheard to learn more; please note that as this was a live recording, the quality may fluctuate slightly from time to time.

1.15 – “We can’t have people more impacted than they already are”

2.35 – Bringing to life Mencap’s values through employer branding

5.01 – Incorporating agile practices into operations incrementally

7.30 – Taking a vocal approach to D&I from a C-suite level

8.20 – “Responding to the needs of black, Asian, and ethnically diverse staff”

10.05 – “Ensuring D&I remains at the heart of HR strategy”

11.02 – “Shaping the future of work strategy at Mencap”

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