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Why HR and marketing teams should align for greater success

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Bazz Deans, VP EMEA, Shootsta, delves into the key insights uncovered from their event, HR & Marketing United in the Video Comms Revolution

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In a recent event hosted by Shootsta, the topic of joint collaboration between HR and marketing teams was explored, along with what that means for organisations now and in the future.

Shootsta were joined by their clients, PwC and BAE Systems, with the pair transforming the way they communicate both internally and externally.

Both clients have been using video as part of their communications strategy and shared how they have been working to drive an authentic message across their respective organisations.

Also joining Shootsta were guest speakers from Tucker Stone and Wolff Olins to discuss the challenges they have seen HR and brand leaders facing, as well as whether they believed the pandemic has been driving the change and how both departments can continue to help one another.

The event produced valuable insights and the three key takeaways have been outlined below:

Customers and employees seek greater support from leadership

Organisations are now having to take a more active role in supporting their teams and customers by looking at new ways to engage with them about organisational change in a timely and empathetic manner.

Emma Woodhead White, brand strategy director at Wolff Olins stated that there was a real need for audiences to feel heard and understood, and organisations that have created a sense of belonging and community in these times are seeing greater engagement.

Discovery Inc., according to White, produced an internal community called “Alone Together” which brought together people who were living on their own during the pandemic so they could have a support group around them, to connect, have fun, and share educational content to support them with the likes of home schooling for those with children.

Purpose unites HR and marketing

One of the biggest takeaways and an insight taken specifically from Olivia Stone, MD and founder at Tucker Stone, was the need for consistent messaging across the entire business, both internally and externally. A consistent voice, paired with consistent values creates far greater engagement for your audience.

There is such a focus on maintaining company culture and meeting employees and customer expectations at the moment, that companies need to adapt the methods of communication to suit the environment of which they adapt to maintain connectivity.

The glue that seems to be holding us all together at the moment is purpose. If marketing, brand and HR departments can maintain the organisation’s core values at the heart of all communications, then both employees and customers can feel supported from all angles.

Rachel Lawrence, employer brand operations lead at PwC shared that the use of video has allowed them to communicate a job description clearly and effectively. By telling the story of a role from those employees that are in it themselves, it allows external candidates to get a true representation of what the organisation is like to work for, whether the business actually reflects the values internally as well as from their shiny exterior, and whether they could envision themselves working in that environment.

Humanise and brand HR initiatives

People, whether that’s your employees or customers, are yearning for a sense of belonging. As organisations have been forced to work from home, the desire to work for a company that holds strong values has grown.

Lawrence shared that in the last year, PwC’s communications narrative has truly changed to become more human and culture focused, rather than business and programme driven. This has been accelerated to ensure that the message future employees are receiving, matches the values driven internally by the organisation.

Another great example shared at the event was from Wolff Olins’ White, who shared a story about Brewdog, one of the fastest growing food and beverage company’s in the UK market, with a clear mission to make people as passionate about craft beer as they are. It is this mission that leads all internal and external communications, said White.

To read the full article and remaining insights, click here, or to watch the full event recording, click here.

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