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Expectations vs. Reality: What are employees expecting from your business in the new normal? 

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Take the ICF Next survey to unlock key insights into the new normal, including how employees expect the new normal to look, and how businesses plan to build this new reality.

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We are living through a major historic moment, and no business will be the same on the other side. The impact of COVID-19 will be wide-ranging – some businesses won’t make it, and some will transform completely. However your business moves forward after the COVID-19 pandemic, your team will be the driving force.
At ICF Next we’re committed to helping businesses understand and adapt, supporting clients and partners through the pivotal transformation and helping them add business value against adversity.

What are employees expecting from this new normal?

Now more than ever, resilient companies are realising the value of their workforce, flexibility, and the ability to change. People over profits. Our way of life has changed, and workplaces must pivot to reflect this. Simply trying to squeeze your old way of doing things into renewed guidelines won’t cut it.

Your employees will have some founded reservations about the way their working world will look after this. It’s never been more important to listen openly, understand deeply and make impactful, meaningful action. Creating safe environments will not be a walk in the park.

Understanding how your colleagues, customers and communities will recover from this pandemic is paramount to building the best environments for your teams to thrive. Governments around the world are easing restrictions, making moves towards the next phase of this pandemic: recovery and rebuilding. It feels like we’re on the precipice of a new world. It’s time to get ahead.

Whether or not your employees will feel safe to return to work, or to what their new work life will look like, depends entirely on you. They will be considering advice from governments and public health authorities, but also from their peers, their communities and your leadership team.

Meeting expectations: A two-way street

The reality of tomorrow’s corporate world is yet to unfold, but expectation and assumption is rife. Businesses expect their colleagues to be instrumental in rebuilding in the fall-out from COVID-19, and colleagues themselves will expect businesses to provide a safe work environment.

Understanding these expectations is key to making headway into this new world and getting your business back up and running.

We’re conducting the research into this area to give businesses the insight they need to make this transformative time a success. The ICF Next research study will form a founding understanding of how employees expect the new normal to look, and how businesses plan to build the reality. Grasping the importance and finding harmony in both camps will prime your business for success.

By participating, you’ll receive all the insights from the survey. Unlock key insights into The New Normal: expectations vs. reality.

Take the survey here. 

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