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How is Coronavirus impacting your organization?

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The short-term effects of Coronavirus are already being felt in organizations the world over. HRD Connect invites you to share your thoughts and challenges as the crisis continues to escalate.

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The Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has had a huge impact on our lives already: schools and businesses have been closed, our freedoms reduced, and mass hysteria has resulted in panic buying, social distancing and over-burdened services. Markets are volatile and our economies are being pushed to breaking point. We’re already experiencing the short-term impact of the virus, but the long-term impact is expected to completely change our view of the world.

We’d like to hear from HR leaders on how the crisis is impacting your organization, and what impact you think it will have on the world of work. Complete our short survey to have your say, and keep an eye on our newsletter for the results in the coming weeks.

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