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What is social learning and collaborative learning?

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Mark O’Donoghue, CEO of AVADO, discusses the e-learning business’ three key areas of specialty with Alan Walker.

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There are various different views on social learning. Social learning where – coming back to old-school e-learning. Social learning can simply be a way to connect with people one another through their learning experiences… And I think that’s sort of a light version of social learning.

Where social learning really has power is in the application piece. So we design programs that are social by design in that, rather than everyone starting at different times and studying independently from one another, people learn together in cohorts. What that allows Avado to do is to be able to design learning experiences that can have group projects within them. And that’s where in our experience where social learning really comes alive, because you’re not just sort of sharing content or connecting with people, you are genuinely working together on a group project, virtually, with an outcome that needs to be delivered with a deadline, that’s going to be graded and marked, and so there’s jeopardy involved, and so it’s like a real-world business project, and sometimes it will be based on a real-world problem that an organisation or a group of individuals are focussed on. And it’s by creating learning that involves those group projects that we really see the impact that social learning can have.

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