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How can Avado support learners and companies to be more successful through learning?

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Mark O’Donoghue, CEO of AVADO, discusses the e-learning business’ three key areas of specialty with Alan Walker.

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AVADO’S approach to learning

Learning that works are key, this is a process where Avado attempt to run their products and operations when it comes to creating learning for individuals. By doing this it builds individuals skills and helps them to achieve their aspirations. Or whether that is with an organisation where they’re trying to typically build broad capability across a particular population within the organisation or potentially the organisation as a whole.

Creating a unique learning experience 

Creating learning experiences that go being traditional e-learning is imperative. AVADO are attempting to create a plethora of engaging learning experiences that critically go beyond just acquiring knowledge and into actually being able to do something with that knowledge and apply it in the context of people’s roles. So whether you’re an individual who wants to be able to demonstrate that you can do things better, that’s an important theme, it works for you, or whether you’re an organisation who wants your people to be able to operate in a different way, or have more impact in their roles across the organisation, or collaborate better with other people within the organisation, then our programs are designed to be able to meet that objective as well

For more information watch Mark O’Donoghue (CEO of AVADO) in conversation with Alan Walker below, or visit the AVADO website.

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