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HR's Future Leaders 2018

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Are you a rising star in HR? Or do you know someone who is going to be a future leader?

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HRD Connect’s Future Leaders in HR is now open for your entries!

If you are, or you know someone who is going to be, the next big innovator within HR then please complete the submission form below to enter and be considered for our line-up of HR’s rising stars and emerging leaders.

To qualify as a future leader you must… 

  • Showcase specific examples of leading through crisis and unpredictability
  • Detail initiatives you have personally implemented that have improved the company’s culture – proving this by sharing tangible data and results
  • Specialising in a specific area of HR (e.g. diversity & inclusion, mental health, employee engagement), explaining how this particular part of the HR agenda is flourishing and what your future plans in your chosen area are
  • If you are a manager nominating someone, please be mindful of all the above points

All nominations must give a 500 description about why they should be nominated – detailing the above points – as well as having a 200-word testimonial from their manager.

Before you complete your entry, please note that the submission form does not allow you to save data and return to complete at a later date. Therefore, please ensure that you have all the relevant data prior to beginning the form – you can download an online PDF version of the form here.

We look forward to receiving your entries for the HRD Connect Future Leader in HR 2018!  Enter now.

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