Advantages of leadership training for employees and impact on employee engagement

According to CIPD (2017),  nearly half of employees strongly agree or agree that their organisation provides them with opportunities to learn and grow, and nearly a who are leaving their current jobs looking for promotion opportunities.

Leadership training is an important part of employee development that can improve engagement. With this, employees can utilise their training to invest their time in the company and grow.

The benefits reach far beyond engagement – with a huge impact on talent retention, business growth and identifying high potential employees.

Talent retention

In 2017, Training Industry said that: “Most employees are disengaged, want more training, and want to know their employers care about, and are invested in their future. They want to know that there are opportunities to advance and that their career path isn’t just a dead end.”

In that case, the necessity of leadership training becomes obvious, as it becomes a strategy that will ensure employees are feeling valued and worthy of investment.

Inspire performance and identifies high potential

Leadership training creates an opportunity for employees to reach new heights and achieve set goals. With this, performance is enhanced as employees strived to develop their skills through the invested training. This allows employers to identify high potential employees who aspire to unlock their full potential. Employees are more likely to stay focussed and increase their performance levels when they are working towards their goal.

Learning new things

Training programmes will ideally teach employees new strategies that will better their performance, and in turn the performance of the business.

By learning new things, employees can find themselves growing their skills, which can help them to become better aligned to their role as a leader.

Employee engagement therefore increases as they can feel motivated by implementing new strategies and skills into their roles.




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