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Building peak experiences in the workplace: the power of moments

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In the pursuit of workplace excellence, harnessing the power of meaningful moments can foster peak experiences and transformative growth.

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For most business leaders, ensuring their employees have rewarding day-to-day experiences at the workplace is a key goal. While it may be true that a solid corporate culture and healthy working environment can play an important role in enhancing the experience for staff, creating peak employee experiences is vital. 

“Peak moments are unusually meaningful and memorable experiences. They’re characterized by their disproportionate impact: They may only last a few minutes or hours, but the ripple effects can endure much longer,” says Dan Heath. 

The hallmarks of peak moments are elevation, insight, pride and connection. What separates peak moments from daily experiences is their ability to transcend the everyday and stir-up powerful emotions. These moments may not last long, but they can often be extremely insightful and lead to profound realizations, thanks to the clarity and understanding gained through these experiences. 

Feeling genuine pride in what has been accomplished leads to a more confident outlook for many staff. The connection that these moments in time create often goes a long way to improving working relationships and engage the wider sense of community. 

The importance of peak moments in the workplace 

It is difficult to overstate the impact of fostering an environment where employees regularly have peak moments. Research has shown that workplaces where peak moments are found are 13 times more likely to have highly engaged employees and three times less likely to have staff facing burnout. 

Even if just a single peak moment is experienced, staff are more likely to stay with their employer and have a positive view of their company. 

Instead of spending a great deal of time and resources to simply fix problems as they arise, forward thinking organizations will double-down on creating an environment where peak moments are the norm, rather than the outlier. Truly engaging employees and helping them reach their full potential is extremely difficult to achieve without creating memorable experiences that inspire their work. 

How to create peak moments in the workplace 

Peak moments are not created in isolation. “Two ways business leaders can create more peak moments are to be responsive to employees—meaning that we make efforts to understand and care for them as individuals—and to be more intentional about recognition,” he adds. 

“Accomplishments and milestones, whether big or small, should be celebrated. Sometimes what can seem to be a small gesture, such as sending an employee who has worked especially hard a personalized note of appreciation or giving them a shout-out in a staff meeting, can have a big impact,” he says. 

For peak moments to have a real meaning behind them, employees need to feel connected to each other. Businesses can make sure opportunities exist where staff can foster deep connections, such as through team-building activities or social events. Rather than making these occasions one-off events, HR leaders would benefit from encouraging employees to take time out on a regular basis to chat with each other. 

Many peak experiences originate from growth opportunities, where employees are given the chance to learn and develop. Without the support and encouragement from leaders and the wider business, employees won’t have access to the tools to experience peak moments themselves. Through training programs, mentorship or challenging assignments, staff can naturally reach peak moments and grow. 

In companies both large and small, employees can often be disconnected from the real impact of their work. Ensuring that staff can see how their work is making a difference and how it contributes to the company’s overall mission and goals is a powerful way to support the creation of peak moments. 


In an increasingly competitive hiring environment, it’s no longer enough for businesses to simply offer a standard employee experience. By not specifically focusing on providing peak experiences to employees, not only will they be less motivated and engaged, but they may also look for other positions where they will be more valued.  

“Creating memorable experiences for both customers and employees is a keyelement of leadership,” says Heath. Creating lasting change within a business requires time and focus from HR leaders, with each company needing to embark on their own journey. 

Peak experiences are not a nice extra or an addition to workplace culture, but in today’s business landscape, they are a necessity. The result of embracing peak moments is a stronger workplace culture, enhanced employee engagement and a more successful business. 

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