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HRD: A Virtual Experience Speaker Profile: Dr Claudy Jules

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Get an early preview of September’s edition of HRD: A Virtual Experience as HRD Connect profiles the incredible roster of speakers we have lined up. Be sure to register today to avoid disappointment.

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On September 17, 2020, we’ll be exploring the theme of ‘Embracing Cultural Shifts’ in the next installment of our HRD: A Virtual Experience online events, with leading industry experts from brands including Schneider Electric, Moody’s, Twitter, BAE Systems and more.

We’re looking forward to welcoming Dr Claudy Jules, Director, Center of Expertise for Organizational Health and Change at Google, as one of our amazing speakers. Dr Jules is a leading expert in organization, leadership and change who focuses on driving value creation through the optimization of leadership capabilities. He currently heads Google’s Center of Expertise for Organizational Health and Change, where he provides expert counsel and collaboration to Google business leads to strengthen the performance and culture of their product areas.

During September’s HRD: A Virtual Experience, Dr Jules will take part in the panel discussion titled ‘Developing Crisis Plans for Today’s Business Landscape’. This session will provide you with a strong grasp on how to take the lessons learned from going through a pandemic to develop comprehensive contingency plans and build organizational resilience. While no one could have predicted a pandemic, the organizations who have struggled the most as a result were those without adequate crisis plans in place. Business leaders will be reflecting on what they did well, how they could have been more prepared, and what can they implement to protect themselves against future adversity.

In this quick Q&A, Dr Jules shared what you can expect from his presentation, as well as his advice for navigating this challenging and unpredictable time. Join Claudy Jules, and many more fantastic speakers at HRD: A Virtual Experience this September. Book your free spot here.

Can you give a small teaser for attendees about what you will be sharing at HRD: A Virtual Experience?

As a metaphor, change fluency is a management philosophy for organization design and change effectiveness; as a paradigm, it is a dynamic capability for strategy and operations – combined, they provide a powerful lever for an enterprise’s competitive edge. Hear more about what this new metaphor means and why it matters for the great management reset.

What makes you passionate about your topic?

Today’s business leaders increasingly recognize that traditional models of competitiveness no longer apply. They must move beyond agile teams, agile methodologies, and agile HR to recognize that agile, resilient organizations and leaders must become change fluent. By change fluent I mean mastering the essentials of leading and managing change, building capability to apply it, and embedding a learning mindset. With a greater focus on change and agility, leaders will be better able to steer transformative change (and for some, recovery).

Why should we attend your session?

For most companies today, it’s no longer “mobile first,” or “digital first”; it’s change-first. In becoming a change fluent organization, having a change capability is table stakes for surviving and thriving in a digital and AI-based world. Becoming change fluent is key to agility and sustainability.

A piece of advice for navigating this challenging and unpredictable time?

Leaders need to acknowledge discontinuity; the public health reality of COVID-19 means that things are never going to be the same. Change fluency starts with a clear and simple premise – leading organizations in the past – to be fair – was a lot easier than it is today, let alone in the foreseeable future. Take a zero-based approach to build a better and more durable organization for the future.

And finally, what are you most excited about for HRD: A Virtual Experience?

To learn, in relationship, with others who are as interested in leveraging the power of culture as a powerful instrument and asset to reimagine the organization of the future.


Join Dr Claudy Jules, and many more fantastic speakers at HRD: A Virtual Experience this September. Book your free spot here.

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