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COVID-19: Jill Christensen's Guide to Survival

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Jill Christensen, Employee Engagement Expert, Best-Selling Author and HRD Thought Leader, gives her top three truths to help HR leaders and their businesses to survive and thrive during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Struggling? While I acknowledge where you are, my goal is to lift you up and help you not only survive, but thrive, during these eventful times. So, I’ve compiled a list of three truths for HR and business leaders that I think will help.

Truth #1 – Every dark cloud eventually runs out of rain.

What we are experiencing will end.  Events like this always have and they always will.  To the extent that you stay positive though the storm, you will attract positive events, create more meaningful friendships and relationships, make a better first impression, be more successful, have better health and less stress, and inspire those around you.

Your attitude is a choice.  You can’t think and talk negative, and expect positive things in your life.  For the past two months, whenever anyone has asked me, “How are you?”, I’ve replied, “I’m fabulous!”  Virtually every person responds in surprise and disbelief.  Yes, I am fabulous – I know this storm will end and we will be stronger for having weathered it.  I also know that to the extent I’m negative, my ‘pandemic experience’ will be worse.

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Truth #2 – You say you’ve always wanted a seat at the table?  This is your chance to shine.

During a crisis situation, the vast majority of people choose to duck their head and hide in a foxhole in an effort to not ‘get hit.’

If you lift your head high and bring a solution to the table for a new problem your organizations is facing, you will come out of this ahead.  The best thing anyone can do right now is to make a difference by adding value. Don’t be like the masses, who are frozen in fear.

Look around and identify a major problem that needs to be solved and bring several potential solutions to the table.  The people who rise up in business are the ones who take advantage of unexpected opportunities.  Instead of viewing the pandemic as a crisis, view it as an opportunity to learn, grow, expand, shine, thrive, and soar.

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Truth #3 – Gratitude is key to success.

Too many people tend to focus their mind on what they don’t have rather than being grateful for what they do have. Be grateful for what you have – give thanks – and you will prosper.

Yes, it would be easy right now for you to wallow in all the problems impacting your job and company, but did you know that there are millions of people in this world who would trade places with you in one second flat? People who don’t have a job.  People who don’t have a home.  People who don’t have an education. People who don’t have food. People who have no money in savings.

Have gratitude. Your happiness will flourish – because you are content with your life – and you will serve as a wonderful role model for employees who are looking to you for their cues.

Is the pandemic out of our control?  Some pieces are, but others are not.  Embrace what you can control and take it up a notch.  Put it in high gear, and you will not only survive, but thrive, during these eventful times.  You’ve got this.

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