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Is 'self-actualization' the future of engagement and business success?

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Filippo di Lenardo, Co-Founder, 3ssentia, reveals why ‘self-actualization’ is the future of work, and how to help employees achieve it.

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For my wife and I, 3SSENTIA represents something more than a company, and something all people deserve to experience and develop in their life: a strong sense of purpose.

Since 3SSENTIA’s inception, our goal has been to find a way to empower people to live to their fullest potential. As we looked around us, we were dismayed to see how many people were either not satisfied with their professional life or simply didn’t  know what was truly important for them to find fulfillment . Today’s world is one  “full of possibilities”,  but equally one in which it is very easy to get carried away and lose track of one’s sense of direction. In our view, our educational system has failed to teach us the self-awareness that, now more than ever, is an essential component of self-actualization.

This meta skill is vital because it enables us to better understand ourselves, communicate what’s important to us, and ultimately identify what it is that we need to be at our best and to move forward purposefully. When one looks at what employees want, in particular the younger millennials, who, by 2025, will represent 75% of the workforce, it is evident that many aspire to find ways to experience more purpose and meaning in their daily work- but  simply don’t know how. It was no surprise to us to discover the Gallup study that revealed that employee disengagement is costing a whopping £7 trillion of lost productivity to the world economy.


Flipping the coin and looking at employee disengagement from an organizational perspective, we learned that,  for organizations to thrive in today’s fast-changing business environment, not only do they need to have their people at their best, but they also need to cultivate a continuous learning and entrepreneurial culture. This requires a new type of work experience – one that provides people with continuous support, inspiration and personalization within the flow of work. Connecting the needs of the people within the workplace with the needs of the organization itself is 3SSENTIA’s quest.

We have created a platform that seeks to empower people to transform their daily work into an inspiring and meaningful experience that accelerates both their personal and professional development, while simultaneously helping organizations turn their people from a cost into an asset.

Through our gamified interface, we open up the pathway towards developing the growth mindset and self-awareness that people need to look at their daily tasks as a continuous opportunity for self discovery and self-improvement. Our R.A.C.A. method, (REFLECT, ACT, CONNECT, ACCOMPLISH), empowers each employee with the tools needed to become the solution to their own problems and unlock their full potential in the flow of work. Inspired by studies in behavioral science, psychology and neuroscience, our aim is to help people develop and apply key skills such as self-awareness, emotional intelligence, resilience, creativity and entrepreneurial thinking to their daily tasks.


Moreover, in order to enhance their learning experience and increase the effectiveness of their decisions, our ‘skill recommender’  helps them identify key skills they can discover to succeed in their tasks. During this skill identification experience, they are provided with personalized suggestions on possible new skills to explore, and are encouraged to consider those that they are already confident in to maximize their performance. The system filters individual employee skill needs, connects peers based on their skill confidence level and simultaneously expands the organization’s collective intelligence.

This holistic ‘task-based’ approach allows us to deliver focused and high-impact support directly where it is most needed, to create instant and measurable results conducive to greater wellbeing, productivity and confidence.

We call it “self-actualization in the flow of work”.


Our goal is to empower people to take ownership of their development, like true entrepreneurs! We provide them with personalized analytics to better track their progress and identify those areas for meaningful personal growth.

All employees’ analytics are clustered by department to help companies better understand their people and make more effective decisions about their development, while safeguarding employee privacy. We call this DATA FOR GOOD.

Particularly, our skill sentiment analysis enables organizations to understand those skills people are confident in, those new ones being explored as well as highlighting where main skill gaps exist.

We wholeheartedly believe that companies play a fundamental role in the way they can influence the progress of humanity and that data, if used correctly, can be a powerful force for good – a force that can help organizations raise their level of consciousness and that of their people to create more meaningful and sustainable innovations, that can nudge the needle for society and give hope to the generations to come. As 3SSENTIA, we aspire to make a meaningful contribution towards this change.

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