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Hive Learning on winning 'Learning Organization of the Year'

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After winning Learning Organization of the Year at the Learning Technologies Awards 2019, Fiona Young, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Hive Learning, tells HRD Connect about what the win means to them, and what comes next.

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What did it mean for Hive Learning to be crowned as ‘Learning Organization of the Year’?

We’re very excited to be recognized among hundreds of the world’s most innovative learning technology organizations, and we know that we could not have done this without our fantastic clients.

At Hive Learning, our clients’ success is baked into our DNA. We’re extremely proud to share this victory with our clients who we do great work with and who are wholly committed to creating a truly learner-centric experience. Our strong record of customer advocacy is truly a testament to the brilliant work that our team does in supporting our clients to put change into action.

That’s why we’re proud to have won this award and to be commended for our NPS score of 74 and +90% client retention rate.

Why is it important for such awards to acknowledge the learning space in the world of work?

It’s never been more critical for organizations to adapt to the constantly evolving technological and business landscape. If you work in L&D, you know that embedding a culture of everyday learning is critical for growth, innovation, and business success.

But traditional training and e-learning tools are slowly becoming redundant because they’re too slow, too narrow in their approach, one-dimensional, and hierarchical.

Awards like this one are critical for motivating, encouraging more organizations to build a learning culture that’s focused on their people. We think it’s fantastic that the award recognizes organizations that are focused on adapting and evolving to changing customer needs, and learning as they go.

This award also recognizes organizations that give back to the community. At Hive Learning, we believe this is important because sharing learning empowers people to make progress faster. We’ve done this through the time we’ve spent with our clients, through our Hive Live events, in the Inclusion Works Leaders Network, and our Inclusion Works FRONTLINE reports.

As a learning organization, we are — and should be — open to sharing learning, and we believe awards such as these are a great platform for accelerating learning cultures in the world of work.

What values or goals do you believe that learning technologies providers should prioritize, as we enter 2020?

At Hive Learning, we believe that tapping into the power of your people is the key to making progress faster and that the most effective way to do this is through peer learning. Going into 2020, we believe that learning technologies providers should prioritize making their platforms a truly social experience, by using them as a catalyst for knowledge sharing through discussion, action and reflection.

We also know that no company or business is the same, and so it’s important to work closely with each client to work and adapt the programme so that it is right for them. Because technology alone cannot create behavior change.

At Hive Learning, we live and breathe collaboration. As a peer learning platform, we strongly believe that tapping into the power of your peers is how you help each other go faster — because it is networks that innovate and drive change.

To create a successful culture where everyone can truly learn together every day, organizations must move beyond feature sets and focus on using the right content (not every piece of content), within habit-forming technology, as a tool to prompt discussion, action and reflection.

How can learning technologies providers use the platform afforded them by winning awards to help HR leaders to change conversations in the workplace?

Often learners look at learning technology as something they have to use rather than want to use. Seeing that organizations can change this perception and deliver real impact through this platform is powerful. The evidence of this impact is something that HR leaders can then use to make the business case clear for peer learning.

For us at Hive Learning, being able to prove that peer learning is driving innovation is really powerful. We were able to show that through our peer learning programme, where a community of learners went from passive participants to actively generating their own content, sharing their experiences through online conversations, and who have now gone on to become learning heroes around the country.

What does your Gold win mean for the next stages of Hive Learning’s journey?

While we’re excited to have won this prestigious award, it doesn’t change our focus to help everyone get better together every day. At Hive Learning, we’re on a mission to build the world’s best family of digital products for culture change and we’re not finished yet.

Our work in this space began in 2018 with the launch of the Inclusion Works toolkit, a habit-forming digital inclusion program that empowers every person in every organization to be more inclusive every day.

As we built the toolkit and spoke with 100s of diversity and inclusion leaders, we realized these insights needed to be shared far and wide. This led to the launch of the Inclusion Works podcast in January 2019

As part of Hive Learning’s mission to build a more inclusive world, in November 2019 we launched the Inclusion Works Leaders Network, an online community that enables culture leaders to connect with other senior peers from diverse companies, industries and countries to swap ideas and insights on powerful tactics and troubleshoot the most pressing challenges to put inclusion into action on the ground, every day.

Because we want to empower organizations to make progress faster, later that same month we launched Inclusion Works FRONTLINE — a series of pointed, focused and action-orientated pulse reports curated from the insights of 100s of the world’s leading change-makers and culture leaders.

This year, we’ve got some exciting new product development underway and fantastic new customers who are just as wholly committed to creating a truly learner-centric experience for their employees as we are.

Watch this space!

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