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Generative AI to Synth AI: How L&D leaders can prepare to be pioneers of AI's next phase

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Discover the fundamentals of Synth AI with Hive Learning, and the impact this next phase of AI will have on L&D

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Generative AI’s first wave has had a transformative impact on industries, organizations, and job roles over the past twelve months. We are now moving towards a second wave of AI that promises further revolution: Synthesis AI, or Synth AI.

To date, the role of Generative AI has primarily been to speed up the creation of learning materials. This has had several impacts:

  • Streamlining the production of learning programs
  • Necessitating new AI-related skills among L&D teams
  • Increasing the ability of organizations to deliver personalized learning at scale

In short, for HR and L&D leaders, there’s been a lot to keep up with. But with this new paradigm shift comes an unprecedented rate of change.

Synth AI will expand AI’s capabilities beyond just generation towards the synthesis and analysis of information. By educating yourself and your fellow HR leaders on Synth AI on this new phase of AI, you can benefit from early adoption advantages, shifting your position from playing catch up to developing a clear understanding of what this means for your L&D people and practices.

The Power of Synth AI in L&D

Hive Learning, both in research and practice, is at the forefront of this conversation. It is already employing Synth AI to furnish HR and L&D teams with granular data about learning engagement and knowledge gaps.

They present their findings in their article ‘Empowering L&D: The AI Evolution from Gen AI to Synth AI‘. This article analyses how, and why, organizations can understand the impact of a transition from L&D based on generative AI to one that utilizes Synth AI. They cover:

  • AI and learning as it stands, with the Synth AI wave appearing on the horizon
  • What Synth AI means, and what it means for L&D
  • Why it represents another significant step forward for HR and organizations

AI, L&D, and the road ahead

Learning & development divisions, perhaps more than any other department, have a responsibility to pioneer the adoption and use of AI within their organization. Not only are they responsible for presenting a use-case that AI can and does shape the business outcomes in keeping with Systemic HR fundamentals, but they are also responsible for easing employees through ‘AI anxiety’.

Whilst the future of work promises work that is AI-driven, HR and L&D cannot forget their role to play in ensuring an ethical, human-centric adoption of AI. This journey starts with education, and the sooner HR and L&D leaders educate themselves on the next phase of AI, the better.

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