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250,000 veterans helped into new careers through career transition partnership

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The MOD Career Transition Partnership has successfully aided the lives of veterans in their careers through a wide variety of processes. Here is how they have been helping former armed forces since their creation.

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The MOD’s Career Transition Partnership (CTP) is celebrating its 20th anniversary, so far this scheme has supported 250,000 veterans into the next stage of their careers. 

The Career Transition Partnership offers one-to-one career guidance, vocational training, events, networking and employment opportunities for serving people on this plan for two years before they leave the Armed Forces. Helping them adapt well to a civilian job or other education options. 

Tobias Ellwood, Minister for Defence People and Veterans, said: “With admirable qualities such as leadership, dedication and teamwork, those who have served are an asset to any organisation. The Career Transition Partnership team plays an ever more vital role in helping our people navigate the many opportunities open to them.”

The CTP offers a plethora of training courses in order to improve qualifications gained in the military or to retrain for a new career. Courses in fields such as finance, project management, IT and health and safety are just a handful of the opportunities available for the participants.

The regular routine for this programme is to deliver training in interview methods and CV development, as well as workshops intended to identify and access an individual’s strengths. In the past 20 years, 93% of all service leavers transitioning through the CTP who are seeking employment have obtained new roles within six months. 

As well as career guides, individuals on this scheme also have access to other advantages to help personnel transition smoothly, these include housing and pensions, managing finances, and moving abroad.  

David Duffy, Right Management Ltd, Contract Director for Career Transition Partnership, says “I am proud that Right Management has delivered a world-class resettlement provision on behalf of the MOD for two decades, helping to bridge the gap between military and civilian careers and connecting Armed Forces personnel to jobs. CTP staff are extremely committed and passionate about the part they play in supporting service leavers and this is evident in the remarkable achievements we have made.”  

The CTP is also available for those who have left service early through the Future Horizon Programme, which has supported 11,500 personnel since launching in 2008. A further specialised career programme. This is able to support 900 wounded, injured and sick service leavers per year in an attempt to achieve a sustainable and fulfilling career, regardless of their time served. 

As of late, the CTP has been working closely with a wide range of well-known brands, including Amazon, Barclays, Jaguar Land Rover, BAE Systems, and Openreach to align the wealth of transferable skills and experiences service leavers have. 

This programme is the first example of a military service provided by a partnership of private, public and charitable organisations, anywhere in the world.   

With the world of work changing around us through new technologies and different companies adopting various cultures, CTP has adapted well to these changes, and are still performing extremely well, David Duffy says “The working landscape has changed beyond all recognition since we started, with an ever more transient marketplace and technology, along with social media, driving change at pace. Despite this, the CTP has stayed at the forefront of delivery, keeping pace with change and continually adapting to meet the needs of our service leavers.” 

CTP was originally established by the partnership between the MOD and Right Management Ltd, and is supported by RFEA – The Forces Charity who deliver CTP’s employment support and is at the forefront of best international practice. 

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