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Hive Learning opens first New York office

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Hive Learning has announced the opening of its first East Coast office in New York, following the success of their partnerships with a global client base including Deloitte, Barclays and Jaguar Land Rover.

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Originally starting life as a next-generation learning platform for sporting organisations like The Football Association and the International Olympic Committee, Hive Learning was founded by Sir Clive Woodward – the Rugby World Cup Winning Head Coach and Director of Sport for Team GB at London 2012 – based on his cutting-edge approach of instilling relentless learning, continuous knowledge sharing and shared team behaviours.

Over the last year after establishing itself in the corporate community, Hive Learning has doubled its client base and boasts a client retention rate of 95%.

Bringing its expertise as a digital partner for putting culture change into action to New York, Hive Learning is set to expand its East Coast client base by testing and evolving its established transformation programmes in areas like Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership Development and Growth Mindset with a US audience.

Hive Learning uniquely combines an intelligent learning technology platform, with guided action-based content programmes and activation services. 9 in 10 Hive Learning users take action based on something they’ve learnt and are 10X more likely to form a learning habit.

The US training market is worth $161 billion alone[1], while the US market for transformation is forecast to exceed $462 billion by 2023 (a CAGR of more than 18.5%)[2].

Hive Learning is uniquely positioned to combine the two, using a process of continuous learning to embed the behaviours critical for growth – from being more inclusive, to creating and sustaining a growth mindset, and enabling organisational wide culture of learning.

These behaviours are increasingly critical for organisations to compete in an era where building an agile workforce who can adapt quickly to change is essential for growth – according to research from CEB, the average organisation has undergone more than 5 enterprise-wide transformations in the past five years and 73% expect that to accelerate.[3]

Hive Learning clients see up to 11X ROI and can pay back on traditional training costs in just 3 weeks, the opportunity Hive Learning presents for US clients is significant.

Hive Learning CEO, Angus McCarey, said: “We are delighted to build on our success in Europe with the expansion of our U.S. operations. Hive Learning has seen tremendous appetite for a more effective approach to build learning cultures that are aligned to real business outcomes. Typically we see monthly engagement in learning of up to 95% and we’ve already transformed how companies like Deloitte, Barclays and Jaguar Land Rover embed the behaviours critical for growth.

“Hive Learning are excited to see how a US audience adopts our well-established combination of content, activation and a mobile-first app to deliver behaviour change programmes.”

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[3] CEB Research

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