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What time does the working day start?

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We are at the stage where commuters are regularly using travel time for work emails. Does this need to be included within a typical working day. Is this right? 

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Due to much broader access to wi-fi on public transport and the excessive use of smartphones we are in a working day conundrum – it’s difficult to know when it starts, and when is time to switch off. Do we now have a commitment to our roles from the moment we step into a wi-fi area because of advancements in technology, or do we stick with our alotted and paid for hours?

A study from the University of the West of England examined 5,000 rail passengers and discovered that 54% used their smartphone to check emails.

“How do we count that time? Do workplace cultures need to change?” researcher Dr Juliet Jain, from the university’s Centre for Transport and Society, told the BBC.

Not being able to switch off has been directly linked with decreasing productivity and has been cited by numerous business leaders as an action point and should be top of business agendas.

“This increasing flexibility has the potential to radically shift the work-life balance for the better – but it also leaves open the door to stress and lower productivity,” said Jamie Kerr, of the Institute of Directors.

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