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A company's best asset is its people. For any respectable business, the workforce also doesn’t come cheap. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, salaries alone can account for anywhere in the region of 18 to 52% of a group’s operating budget.

This creates even more of an onus on HR departments making best-informed decisions when it comes to selecting employees to join a company’s ranks. For some time now, HR management software has been identified as an invaluable means of assisting with the decision-making process from recruitment through to onboarding and overall performance evaluation.

But with today’s saturated HR software market, choosing the best solution can be a difficult undertaking. No one size fits all – one system that’s just right for one company, might not suit another at all.

What can be agreed upon though is that companies are on the look-out for HR software that is easy to use, flexible and cost-effective. To help you gain a better idea of what solutions are currently out there, HRD Connect has compiled a list of the HR software that’s caught our eye this year.


Geared towards small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), BambooHR is a cloud-based HR software service that offers a flexible set of management services all bundled into an easy-to-use interface.

While certainly not the cheapest system out there – prices start at $4.95 per employee per month – it gives companies more bang for their buck.

BambooHR’s appeal lies in its straightforward functionality, with tools including an applicant tracking system and power edit tool, which saves on time when editing employee profiles.

Other highlights include its reports generator and an open API, which enables the software to be integrated with the respective business’ existing HR tech vendor. Its automation tools are accessible in both multiple languages and currencies, while HR teams are also able to track important data such as employee turnover and retention.

In short, a cost-effective Software as a Service (SaaS) product that delivers on its promise.


Recognised as one of the world’s fastest growing SaaS companies, Zenefits’ HR software offers an all-in-one solution to companies, irrespective of their size.

A web-based, free HR management software, it offers solutions across the spectrum, from time-tracking and benefits processing to onboarding and employee scheduling.

Formed out of a single online dashboard, it is user-friendly, but if clients and employees do run into any difficulties, they can always avail themselves of Zenefits’ account team of advisors. This is the payroll made simple.


Having previously gone under the name of Octopus HR, CascadeGo is a cloud-based HR software built specifically for growing SMEs.

Able to be accessed on any Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet, the software is able to manage compensation, track benefits data and create performance reviews in one easy-to-use solution.

As CascadeGo is accessed online, there’s no software that requires downloading, while  its self-service function empowers employees to upload their own documents – cutting out reams of paper appraisal forms in the process.


A standalone applicant tracking system, companies could do far worse than turn to Workable when it comes to find and hiring the right people.

As all-in-one web-based system, the HR software replaces the traditional hassles of recruiting – namely, countless phone calls, emails and spreadsheets – with a simple interface that allows companies to advertise posts and receive applications.

When the applications start coming in, this HR system is able to sift through potential hires and relevant data and automatically compile applicant CVs and social media accounts – such as LinkedIn – and composite them into complete applicant profiles.

As cohesive as the processes of recruitments gets.


Based on the models of SaaS and cloud computing, WebHR can help HR departments manage an employee’s lifecycle from the day they are hired to the day they leave.

The software encompasses a range of functions from recruitment and training to payroll and performance, simplifying daily tasks for HR teams through automation. In the company’s own words: “WebHR acts as a bridge between human resource management and information technology”.

It also offers mobile application for iOs and Android devices for remote usage.

WebHR offers a mobile application for iOS and Android devices for remote usage. It is available on a monthly subscription basis that includes support via online chat, phone and email.

Cezanne HR

Another HR software solution based around self-service Cezanne HR offers both employees and managers integrated modules for performance, time-sheets, recruitment, training and career and succession planning.

Through a combination of workflow and automatic alerts, its people management module also helps users centralise HR data, while reducing unnecessary paperwork. Long GDPR- compliant before the regulation came into play in November, Cezanne HR also has a reputation for its high standard around data privacy.

The software is mainly aimed at mid-sized companies.


SaaS vendor Engagedly has come up with a performance-review software that incorporates elements of employee engagement.

Built on the conceit of greater communication and collaboration between employees, the system offers a rewards tool, which awards points to employees in recognition of meeting their objectives. These goals and results are tracked within a system, allowing employees the chance to see how they are measuring up.

Other features of the software include peer praise, idea generation and knowledge sharing.

For organisations looking to motivate their workforce, Engagedly represents a comprehensive tool.


In a world where companies are constantly striving to optimise the potential of their employees, ClearCompany’s software system poses an attractive option.

Its talent alignment platform covers recruitment through to the onboarding of employees and performance engagement, while its applicant tracking system contains a number of standout features – including one-click background checks, social sharing tools and requisition templates.

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