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Video interview: Selina Millstam, Vice President and Global Head of Talent Management, Ericsson

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Selina Millstam focuses on the need for more entrepreneurial mindsets within business as a whole. Millstam tells HRD Connect how Ecrisson has benefited from employees being empowered to problem solve.

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Talent strategies at Ericsson

To remain competitive in today’s VUCA environment there are strategic decision that leaders need to make to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organisation. These decisions are not always easy to make and can have lasting effects on culture and engagement, as well as attracting and retaining talent.

At the HRD Summit UK, Selina Millstam, VP and Head of Talent Management at Ericsson shared how even in the face of disruption and cost-cutting there should always be an appreciation and focus on talent.

Selina discussed the importance of viewing change as an opportunity to evolve the talent planning process ensuring you have the right people to drive curiosity and entrepreneurship to keep up with the pace of accelerated change and evolve the organisation.

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