TalentLeadership DevelopmentHow to engage your people as an HR leader

How to engage your people as an HR leader

As an HR leader, in order to grow and engage your people it is necessary to find the right formula that not only motivates your team, but encourages productivity throughout the organisation. It is your role to effectively implement this formula in your day-to-day working life. Some of these skills can be developed through acquiring qualifications and taking part in training, while others involve working on your personal development. Here are some points to consider, and reflect on when considering how to lead and engage:

  1. Understanding your role

A good starting point – albeit obvious – is understanding your role. With a clear idea of your role and how it fits into the wider business, you will become fully immersed in the culture and how the organisation operates. People function in different ways and, as an established leader, it is imperative to continue learning how to adapt and cultivate the culture across the organisation.

  1. Having difficult conversations

Within a senior role, you take on further responsibility and will inevitably have to make some difficult decisions. It is paramount to foster good management skills by being able to speak with employees on a professional yet relatable level. Take termination of employee contracts, for example: constructive feedback is key in justifying the termination of a contract, and part of that relies on your approach to employees.

  1. Finding the brightest talent

One of the key deliverables of the people function is finding and matching the right talent to the right department. A successful recruitment strategy is a crucial part of proving yourself as a trusted leader, capable of judging the candidate beyond the interview. You’ll need to demonstrate that you can devise an effective talent planning structure – and one that your business will use. Some ways you can do this include:

  • Devising and creating innovative recruitment methods. This could include integrating technology into your recruitment strategy, such as a video representation of your business to allow potential candidates to see what it’s like working within your organisation. This could be a way of attracting a more diverse talent pool.
  • Being present throughout the interviewing process and giving feedback to both colleagues and interviewees.
  • Creating an onboarding programme that is inclusive and allows the new starter to feel comfortable in their new environment.
  1. Developing your interpersonal skills

As you might imagine, when you are responsible for the development of others, your own interpersonal skills are of the utmost importance. This can be achieved through continuous self-assessment and reflection of your own behaviour; as a role model, your conduct should reflect this. Continuous employee feedback sessions and training can help you to succeed in this area, and having this level of self-awareness will increase your ability to deliver key results and develop successful ongoing relationships with the people in your business.

Certainly, experience is a great way in which to develop your interpersonal skills, but you may also consider obtaining CIPD qualifications to assist you on your career trajectory. CIPD Enterprises has exclusively partnered with AVADO to create inspiring learning experiences that deliver lasting impact and are all about your success. For more information, click here.


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