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Glassdoor: Moments of magic will build your brand

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Organisations should use moments of magic to build their employer brand, increase engagement and become an employer of choice.

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Organisations should use moments of magic to build their employer brand, increase engagement and become an employer of choice.

HR professionals must also embrace the transparency of the modern workplace as part of this employer branding.

According to Glassdoor, simple, cost effective but iconic gestures relevant to the company identity can bring substantial rewards for employers.

“These are the things that can truly differentiate the experience that you offer your employees,” said Glassdoor vice president of international Diarmuid Russell.

“They can make a great impact on your culture – they can create a wow effect. They can really level the playing field between small employers and big employers because this is something small employers can find easier to do than big ones sometimes.

“Some of the best moments of magic play on the things that are unique or special to you. It’s not about fun stuff, it’s about finding stuff that is true to your core values and what you do,” he added.

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Engage new starters

Russell gave one example of “first day swag” – gifts given to new employees on their first day.

These items, such as t-shirts or drinks bottles can be cheap but can ignite excitement in new starters.

He also highlighted that being aware of and open to transparency meant benefits could become a really key part of an employer brand.

“It’s all about picking things that you can do that are special to you that and that you can build a reputation around. This can actually be something relatively cheap but that people love,” he said.

Speaking at EB Live, Russell explained that the force of transparency on businesses was not going to disappear and that it had had a significant effect on how people looked for work and made their career decisions.

But he emphasised that the job seeker journey had not changed over the last 50-100 years – that people still wanted to network, understand what jobs were available and what salary would be.

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diarmuid-russell-glassdoor-smallPower to the people

The only thing that has changed is the way this is now done with all this information being available online giving far more power to job seekers.

“One of things that’s interesting is changing the way people look for jobs but also the speed they look for jobs,” Russell (pictured) continued.

“People talk about millennials and their propensity to change jobs more frequently than people of my generation. One of the reasons why is the cost of changing jobs has gone down – it’s much easier, the information’s there, it’s much less risky.

“And that’s not necessarily a bad thing: it means that people are constantly evaluating whether you’re the right employer for them at that stage in their life, or whether they’d be better off somewhere else, and that’s probably good for both sides of the equation,” he added.

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Organisation benefit

However, Russell added that by embracing the new environment employers and organisations could benefit too.

This included the ease of finding the right candidates and building an employer experience from before people are looking for a job.

“Transparency in the workplace is about what motivates your employees – they become your brand advocates they start telling your story for you.

“It means that as employers we have to strive to create a favourable impression at the very moment when a job seeker may not even realise they are a job seeker – they may just be checking you out to learn some information about you.

“And of course it also creates fantastic opportunities to showcase your workplace to the world and help be recognised as a great place to work,” he added.

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