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Driving transformation using real-time employee feedback

by Peachy Mondays | Digital HR

The pace of change in the world of work has never been faster. Becoming more agile and flexible is now a business requirement. It seems that change is the only constant and that can be tough for the people you rely on the most in order to achieve success – your workforce.

In this white paper, Peachy Mondays showcases companies that are using its agile employee feedback platform to better understand how business transformation is affecting their employees.

Find out…

  • why conventional employee engagement surveys lead to a dead end
  • how Peachy Mondays’ unique Targeted Anonymous Dialogue™ feature is changing the way organisations gather and respond to employee feedback
  • why VodafoneZiggo, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings have adopted Peachy Mondays as their employee feedback strategy partners
  • why real-time employee feedback can help you achieve your organisation’s goals

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