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WATCH: Fujitsu Global on enabling organisational innovation

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Jason Fowler, VP, HR Director UK & Head of HR Northern & Western Europe at Fujitsu Global, delves into overcoming barriers to organisational innovation

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Organisational innovation, a vital quality to ensure success, is under threat at many firms. In recent times, leaders have been forced to amend all aspects of their strategy in order to effectively compete, ranging from employee engagement to workplace culture, and more. Many organisations have found it a challenge to adapt to disrupted conditions, such as the widescale adoption of remote working, and could be hesitant to change even further.

‘Organisational innovation’ could be considered a broad concept, relating to how a business updates its structure, processes, products, and more. Executed effectively, it allows an organisation to remain nimble and responsive, while organisations that don’t innovate can weaken internally and fall behind the competition. As such, organisational innovation is a top priority for leaders across the world.

Joining our latest video discussion is Jason Fowler, VP, HR Director UK & Head of HR Northern & Western Europe at one of the world’s leading information technology equipment and services firms: Fujitsu Global. At the forefront of an innovative firm in a cutting edge sector, Jason is well-placed to discuss the importance of organisational innovation, and the impact it has on team performance.

In this video, Jason covers points such as the most significant barriers to organisational innovation today, how the changing nature of leadership is having an impact on organisational innovation, why a focus on structure can obscure other priorities, and how an organisation’s practices relates to the talent process.

Jason describes how the nature of the organisation-employee relationship has changed, and how these new demands will shape the model of work to come, and what organisations need to do to ensure they can help their teams reach their full potential.

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