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Mental health in the modern workplace with David Hanrahan, CHRO, Eventbrite

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The issue of mental health has increasingly crept into the public discourse in recent years, but COVID-19 has undoubtedly intensified this. To find out more on the impact this has on the workforce, we sat down with David Hanrahan, CHRO, Eventbrite.

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The mental health discourse is one that has undoubtedly seen an uptick in recent years, with the world at large becoming more conscious of the increasing risk. But, as is the case with many things at present, this has been markedly amplified as a result of COVID-19.

The reasons for this are self-explanatory. With the untold damage caused to economies due to a lack of commerce, the financial hardship individuals are experiencing due to professional instability, and the sheer isolation many are feeling due to lockdown measures, a notable impact on mental health is to be expected.

So when it comes to the topic of HR, the question then becomes: ‘what impact does this have on the workplace, and how can people leaders deal with it?’

As CHRO of a company that has felt the full force of the pandemic, we posed this very question to Eventbrite’s David Hanrahan, as we sat down for this episode of the HRD Live Podcast.

David began by talking about Eventbrite and how he has seen the pandemic affect the mental health of employees. Using this a springboard, we then discussed what knock-on effects an organization can expect to see as a result of this, and how it can then deal with them.

Finally, we explored the potential benefits an organization can expect to see as a result of proactively tackling mental health issues, with David rounding off by giving his top tips for HR leaders looking to get an initiative off the ground.

We hope that this discussion acts as not only a contribution to a crucial dialogue within the corporate space, but also a guide for HR leaders who believe that the topic of mental health in the workplace should be approached carefully and proactively.

0:46 – Eventbrite, and how the pandemic has impact its employees

2:24 – The main organizational effects of mental ill-health

6:25 – How to meet the needs of each individual employee

12:24 – Will the future of work be built on empathy and kindness?

15:20 – The relationship between mental health and corporate social responsibility

20:15 – How a more progressive approach to employees could impact talent

23:35 – David Hanrahan’s top tips for HR leaders in tackling mental health in the workplace

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