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HRD Connect and Thunderbird ask: what is leadership in the future of work?

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What is leadership? A difficult question in the best of times, HRD Connect and Thunderbird thought leader Sanjeev Khagram consider the qualities that’ll matter in the time ahead.

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Much of the recent year has wrought unprecedented disruption and forced senior leaders to consider their strategies for an uncertain future. Put simply, how can we prepare leaders to guide organizations through an increasingly volatile and uncertain global business environment? What will be the challenges and opportunities they face? Are the appropriate measures in place today to guarantee success tomorrow?

From helping workers adapt to technological change to fostering new mindsets, it’s clear that HR leaders will need to play a fundamentally new role, and the preparation needs to begin now.

Rather than being a siloed division, the HR function needs to be the most connected node in the workplace network. To achieve this, HR will need to evolve to become a technologically-driven, integrated, employee-centric, comprehensive role that goes well beyond simply recruitment, workplace wellness, and administration.

HR leaders will exceedingly take responsibility for workforce strategy, new partnerships, security, culture, and workplace transformation.

The disruptions and opportunities that are set to come will require all organizations to develop new interfaces, where human capital can be augmented and expanded for the skills required in the new labor market.

Boards and management committees that want to actively shape and facilitate a new and inclusive narrative around the future of work will have no choice but to turn to HR professionals to define, test, and realize new workforce strategies in a turbulent environment.

In this podcast, HRD Connect Reporter Sam Alberti meets with Sanjeev Khagram, the Director-General and Dean of the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University and the Foundation Professor of Global Leadership and Global Political Economy. Over the course of the discussion, a number of pressing topics are tackled, including the impact of COVID-19 on long-running trends, the ways that leaders and organizations react, and the positive changes we can expect to see.

Finished listening? Discover more about Thunderbird and their activities today.

1:10 – What trends and challenges have been amplified or accelerated by the pandemic?

3:30 – The impact on leaders today

5:50 – How can organizations respond

9:30 – In a predominantly virtual and digital world, how can this change be enacted?

12:05 – If done correctly, what benefits can the organization expect to see?

15:10 – What can Thunderbird offer?

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